Write For Us

Updated June 2018

Thank you for your interest in guest posting on LongTailPro.com. We’re excited about your sharing your expertise with our audience of over 100,000 Long Tail Pro software users, website visitors, and internet marketing enthusiasts.

Who should write for us?

Of course if you are a Long Tail Pro user and have seen some amazing results using our software, we’d love for you to share that with our audience through a guest post.

But we also appreciate guest posters who can teach our audience of online marketers new and innovative online marketing strategies , that can be implemented in their businesses.

What we really value are guest posters who are able to take our audience to a new level. After reading your article, someone should be able to use what you’ve presented and get positive results!

Who is our audience?

Our audience spans from newbies to advanced internet marketers. There’s a vast amount of skill levels and experience among marketers that visit our blog daily.

When you write for Long Tail Pro, you are given the opportunity to offer advice and strategies to CEO’s, Internet and Affiliate Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and Organizations alike.


Please do not send in full guest posts. Please pitch us 3-4 topics first, so we can decide what will be most useful for our audience.

  • Please submit a proposal first. Pitch us 3 topics you would like to write about as well as 2 writing samples: either from your blog or a blog where you’ve guest posted. (You must have evidence of your work to guest post on Long Tail Pro)
  • We prefer articles that are 1000 words or more, but if you have a really great strategy or offer a set of tips that are comprehensive in less words that that, we are happy to post.
  • All content must be 100% original and not posted on any other blogs.
  • We love step by step posts, even if it’s a simple concept that you believe everyone already understands. We have a good amount of newbies in our audience.
  • Content should be well-written and easy to understand. We have marketers from over 30 countries and we want to ensure that everyone is able to get value from our content.
  • We do not allow links that point to commercial sites within the post or bio. (We certainly like relevant links, but they should not be affiliate or commercial in nature. You want to link to helpful information sources.)
  • Please submit your post through GoogleDocs.
  • Please break up content into subheadings to make it easier to read.
  • Please only use 3 to 4 sentences per paragraph.
  • Use bullet points where appropriate.

Please note: With any guest post, we reserve the right to make grammatical and minor content changes (for clarity), that will make the post most relevant and beneficial to our audience.


Benefits of Guest Posting On LTP

  • A contextual link in your author bio
  • Exposure to our audience of over 100,000 (including email, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • Opportunities for stand out writers to regularly contribute to the Long Tail Pro blog.

So what are the next steps?

Please email our guest post manager Kristine at kristine[at]longtailpro.com with your topic ideas and work samples.