We are happy to announce some great new features added to version 1.0.6.  The primary change was the domain availability source to GoDaddy.  The domain check is now lightning fast if you haven’t noticed already!  You can now check for exact match domains on your filtered keywords at least twice as fast as before.

An additional feature was to make the URLs clickable in the competitor analysis module.  Now when you click the URL, you will be taken to the website so that you can perform additional analysis and see exactly how your competitors websites are laid out.

We also added the ability to delay the Yahoo links request to prevent getting banned by Yahoo.  You are able to enter the number of seconds you would like to delay each request. Finally, we also added bold to the title column where keywords are mentioned in the competitor analysis.

There were also a number of other fixes or minor updates that were made to version 1.0.6 including:

  • Improved startup time and campaign switching time
  • Fixed issue where users sometimes had to click ‘Generate Keywords’ twice.
  • Fixed additional issues with duplicate keywords
  • Added ability to insert a delay when fetching Yahoo! links.
  • Fix for Yahoo and Bing page changes affecting Rank Checker
  • Fix to Force Adwords to use English Version 1.0.5
  • Switched source for fetching Domain Availability
  • Fixed delays when deleting and switching campaigns
  • Fixed sorting on Rank Checker
  • Added ability to click an URL in Competitor Analysis to open that website
  • Fixed issue where Google Results sometimes did not match results in the browser
  • Fixed issue where Rank Checker didn’t do an exact match check against domains. Version 1.0.4
  • Removed duplicate keywords from a campaign
  • Fix for issue where users were getting Google’s customized results on Competitor Analysis – Needs testing by end users.
  • Removed code that was forcing a user to be logged in to generate keywords
  • Bolded keywords in Title column
  • Added Google Rank next to URL
  • Fix to handle non-USD currency signs
  • Added ability for a user to Log out of Google Adwords
  • Made text field focused when a new campaign is created Version 1.0.3
  • Fixed issue where CPC filters with a decimal point sometimes did not work. Version 1.0.2
  • Added ability to click a keyword to send it to Competitor Analysis
  • Fixed issue where html was sometimes set to the wrong url.
  • Fixed issue with Generating Keywords
  • Fixed issue with editing campaigns
  • Fixed issue with CPC not sorting correctly Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed issue with Yahoo! Directory returning all zeros.