Unable To Export Keywords and Competition Analysis

Troubleshooting category

This problem occurs when using Safari as your browser. This is because Safari blocks us from downloading files to your computer. There are two possible solutions:

Solution 1: Use a Different Browser

Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are all able to export data from the app when the “Export” button is clicked. If you have another browser already installed, we recommend using Long Tail Pro from that browser.

You can also download Google Chrome here: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html

Solution 2: Rename the “Unknown” file
Our development team has implemented a workaround for this issue. However, we are not able to name the file properly with this solution. Instead, the data will be saved to your Downloads folder with the name “Unknown”

If you rename this file to something like “long-tail-pro-keywords.csv”, you will be able to open it and see all of your keywords.


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