How To Use Ubersuggest – 3 ideas for better Keyword suggestions

Written by Devin Sizemore

October 16, 2015

For those who use the keyword suggestion tool Long Tail Pro, one of most powerful features is the ability to quickly import up to 10,000 of your own keyword ideas analyze them with the filtering, sorting, and competitive analysis tools inside of Long Tail Platinum.

When I was first starting to use the software, I always wondered how in the world someone could think of thousands of their own keywords to analyze.

My process was to add seed keywords and get my ideas only from Long Tail Pro’s suggestions.

Perhaps I would randomly think of a keyword idea and do a quick analysis – but 10,000 keywords?! 

Certainly that was a feature I’d never really need.

Fast Forward To Today

Obviously I write this today as a full-time employee of Long Tail Pro. My primary function is to market the business, and as part of that I use our own software to find lower competition keywords that we can rank for and then introduce those organic visitors to our software.

Since LTP has become a bigger part of my daily life, I’ve picked up on a few techniques that have really helped me find better keyword ideas; and find them faster than ever.

One free tool that you’ve probably heard me mention in places like 5 Tips For Using Platinum Like a Pro, is

Ubersuggest keyword suggestion tool simply takes whatever keyword you type in and then provides you all of the suggested searches (from Bing) for that keyword. It goes down every letter of the alphabet and gives you hundreds of suggestions in a matter of seconds. The result looks something like this (my keyword was “beard”):

How to use Ubersuggest - Results

As you can imagine, you’ll often have some excellent keyword ideas in this list with a low KC score.

Now, almost every keyword campaign I run has a combination of seed keywords and hundreds or even thousands of suggestions that I copy/paste from Ubersuggest.

Today I want to share a few ideas and examples of how to use Ubersuggest and make the most of this free tool:

1. How To Use Ubersuggest – Get “Buyer” Suggestions

A “buyer keyword” is a term you may have heard before.

Basically, it refers to a keyword that shows buyer intent. That means they are searching a phrase which suggests that they are close to purchasing something.

Examples of buyer keywords could be:

“Best laptop under $500” 

“Best smartphone for grandparents”

“Where to buy used stove”

Ubersuggest becomes more powerful when you are creative about the keyword you type in to start the process.

In the screenshot above, I had simply typed in “beard” and then run suggestions.

I may get some decent keyword ideas out of that, but if I start by typing in the beginning of a buyer keyword – I can find some true long tail gems.

Here’s an example: 

If I had a website about running, I might want to do some content about the best running shoes for different situations and types of people.

Rather than opening Ubersuggest and just typing in “running shoes,” try starting with this buyer-focused variety: “best running shoes for

When I do, I get a total of 854 suggestions including a bunch of long tail buyer keywords like:

How to use Ubersuggest - Running Shoes Keywords

From there, I simply copy/paste all the ideas into Long Tail Pro so I can determine which keywords have the right mix of a low competitiveness score, and a fair amount of search volume.

In less than 5 minutes, I’ve already found a couple of excellent keywords like “best running shoes for plantar fasciitis” and “best running shoes for women with flat feet.”

How to use Ubersuggest - Long Tail Platinum Example

On my running website, I’d likely create 2 big buyer’s guides for each of these scenarios and talk about the things to consider, features to look for, and then recommend specific shoes for people in that situation.

2. Compared to What?

As consumers, we’re always comparing things.

Fitbit vs. Apple Watch, Accord vs. Camry, Paleo vs. Atkins, and the list could go on forever.

This is an important point because no matter what your niche is; your target audience is comparing things too.

While some of the comparisons might be obvious, there could be some that you haven’t thought of that would make an excellent keyword-focused blog topic for your site.

Try dropping some “vs.” keywords into Ubersuggest and see what happens.

Fitness is an incredibly competitive space, so to compete with the big brands in fitness you really need to find some keywords that you can rank for.

Let’s try “Crossfit vs.” and see what we get.

I get a total of 577 suggestions, including good ideas like:

Ubersuggest review - Crossfit keyword ideas

Again, I paste all of these ideas into Long Tail Pro and start calculating the keyword competitiveness score for any that I might want to target. Within just a couple of minutes, I’ve found a few winners:

How to use Ubersiggest - Fitness Keyword examples

I don’t even know what “orange theory fitness” is, but if I had a fitness blog you better believe that I’d be working on my write-up to compare Crossfit to OrangeTheory Fitness.

With a KC of 16 and 140 searches per month, that is a fantastic opportunity to pull in some organic traffic and get those people to opt-in to your list via a content upgrade or some other kind of lead magnet.

The best part is; you don’t have to stop here.

Once you’ve gone through the Crossfit results, go back and try “Powerlifting vs.” and then “Personal Trainer vs.” and see what other ideas you come up with.

My guess is that within a couple of hours you’d have enough content ideas to keep you busy for months.

3. What Should I Teach?

One common use for a blog is to teach people how to do something.

Ultimately your goal may be to sell them something, but the avenue to get there is often earning their trust by helping them solve some of their problems.

But how do you know what you should be teaching your audience?

Suggestion tools can help with that too!

Let’s switch away from running and fitness and look at an example for a site about gardening.

One way to figure out what your audience wants to know is to find what they are searching “how to” do.

I’m going to roll with “how to grow a garden.

While this seems like a very obvious keyword to start with, I’ve found that you’ll be surprised by all the different situations and scenarios people are looking for help with.

Check out some of these suggested searches:

Ubersuggest keyword tool - How to grow a garden ideas

Again, I’m able to quickly find some strong keyword ideas within minutes:

How to use Ubersuggest - Garden keyword ideas

Depending on your market, you might start with things like “how to start a business”, “how do I make”, “how to build”, “how to sing like”, etc.

Ubersuggest Review – Wrap Up

Hopefully, this has your wheels spinning a little bit about how to use Ubersuggest.

If you’ve tried suggestion tools before and didn’t get the best ideas, try it again with a slightly different approach.

Try Long Tail Pro with a FREE 7 day trial.


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    • Tao

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      It’s much more comprehensive compared to Ubersuggest.

      • Jake

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