Today is the final day of our Success Series.

You’ve watched as Perrin learned the ropes of keyword research and built his own niche site from scratch. The goal of the project is to build a niche site that ranks in Google and is making $500/month or more after 6 months. After just 4 months, the site earned over $650 in one month.  After 5 months (January 2014) the site was earning over $1,400 in one month!

At this point you may still have some doubts.

Can I really do the same?

After all, Perrin had coaching from the creator of Long Tail Pro, Spencer Haws.

Is it possible to get similar results without any experience or special help?


The biggest mistake you can make is to expect a “get rich quick” result where you find a few keywords, slap up a few articles, and starting pulling in big money. It takes a level of commitment to believe in the plan and stick with it for the long haul. Particularly if you are starting a brand new website, it will likely take months before you start to turn the corner and make money.

Your persistence will pay off!

In fact, here are just a few of the success stories of people just like you that have done it.

Success Story #1

Claire SmithClaire Smith was a dentist for 12 years. After a few years, she started to wonder “is this it?” and became a little bored with the profession. She hung on for awhile, but starting building niche websites on the side while she worked full time.

Claire said “I just started writing about my own hobbies on other people’s websites like Squidoo and Infobarrel. I eventually realized that I didn’t want all my content on other people’s website, so I started building my own.  I also realized that writing about hobbies isn’t the most profitable.  I started targeting more commercial products.”

At this point Claire has over 40 websites in different niches. She said “Right now we are doing low 5-figures per month.  Most of that is coming from Amazon affiliates.  We have sold over $4.3 million worth of Amazon products on our own sites.”

Since she hasn’t tried to build links to her sites, Claire has built based on the long tail keyword philosophy. “The biggest thing is choosing the absolute lowest competition phrases possible.  If Google is starved of content at that level, then I know its fair game.  The odds are much higher of your content showing up when no one else is writing about.

The other part is just making sure that your content is really useful.  Our articles are usually 600 to 1000 words in length.”

Click here to listen to Spencer’s interview with Claire.

Success Story #2

Tung TranTung Tran is another example of a self-taught entrepreneur who started building websites in high school. In 2013 he built a website from the ground up using keyword research and making money as an Amazon affiliate – just like Perrin was able to do in the videos you’ve watched.

He sold the site for $10,000 in less than a year.

When asked about the site’s reason for success he said “It’s keyword research as always. I was able to rank #3 for the main keyword without a single backlink.” Read more here.

Tung is still seeing success and you can follow his journey at

Success Story #3

JamieJamie Wilson shows how you can be a stay at home mom and a successful online entrepreneur at the same time. Jamie started and creates memory quilts made out of baby clothes.

Here is how it all started: “Back in 2008 I was developing niche sites, doing some SEO for a few local clients, and generally just trying to figure out what I wanted to truly be doing with my life. I have always been a crafty gal, and had made a quilt out of my son’s baby clothes that everyone always raved about. I already had years of SEO experience from some other pre-2008 ventures, so I did a little keyword research.

I found a fair amount of long tail searches for baby clothes quilts, baby memory quilts, etc every month, so I put up a website and an ad on Craigslist with a picture of my work, and had my first client contact me & drop off a bag full of baby clothes that week!”

She also talked about the importance of honing in on a niche that wasn’t over saturated: “As far as getting traffic & rankings, I consciously chose a niche that wasn’t too hard or dominated by big brands, which is a huge factor for niche sites. I actually focused a little less on SEO than on some of my purely affiliate sites, and more on customer experience, since I was trying to actually build relationships with “real” people. But I made sure all of my ducks were in a row with title tags, content optimization, images, etc.”

In 2013, Jamie was seeing greater success than ever before and doing over $4,000 per month from her quilt site alone. Read more about her journey here.

Will You Be Next?

There are countless other stories like this of people who have quit their day job, made substantial extra income, or boosted their existing business by following solid keyword research principles.

Will you be the next success story?

Remember, it won’t happen over night and it’s going to take some work. However, if you stick with it you can get there!

For more insight and advice, follow along at both Niche Pursuits and the Long Tail Pro blog.