Popular Niche Markets For 2021

Written by Devin Sizemore

April 18, 2019

finding your nicheThese days, marketing is all about finding your niche. It is important to find the place your voice will make a difference. It is difficult for small businesses and bloggers to be a small fish in a large market, so they need to find another way to be successful. The easiest way to do that is to be the large fish in a small market. It’s important to cast a narrow net when you utilize marketing.

This is what niche marketing is designed to do for bloggers and small businesses. We offer some great marketing tips for small businesses, but this article will focus on popular niches to help you find the best niche markets for your business. We recommend jumping into untapped niche markets to become a recognized expert.

In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks to creating your market and let you in on some of the biggest and most popular niches.

Evergreen Niches

One of the first things I advise new businesses to do is look for evergreen markets. These are markets that will never run out of business. No matter how much time goes by, the demand will only continue to grow for products within these markets. Let’s take a look at some of these markets.

Examples Of Evergreen Markets


Fitness is a huge evergreen niche market. No matter how long it has been around, this continues to be in demand.

There are tons of growing niche markets within the evergreen fitness market. This makes it a great starting point when you look for untouched niche markets. You can narrow fitness into submarkets of submarkets until you find an untapped niche market.


Beauty is another great market. Both men and women are very concerned with body image.

There are makeup markets, hair accessories, styling products, constantly evolving fashion trends, costumes, cosplay, and nerd niche markets, Disney bounding products, and targeted tee shirts for just about any fandom, region, and hobby you can find. Narrow down this massive evergreen market and develop extremely target products directed at a very small subset.

Mental Health

Mental health is a growing market. People love to know more about themselves, and self-help books are continual best sellers. Everyone wants a better life for themselves, and this is a market that has a lot of potential for the right expert to come position themselves to sell.


Hobbies are so widespread that you can find a lot of niche sub-markets. People work hard and they want to be able to play hard, too.

Hobbies can be broken down into sports fandoms, gaming (video and board), arts and crafts, home renovations and DIY (do it yourself) projects, outdoors activities like camping and hiking, and pretty much anything else. Start with some hobbies you love to enjoy and have some earned expertise in, and start narrowing your focus down from there.


Food is a giant evergreen market. Everyone has to eat. There are tons of markets to target here.

Position yourself as the authority when it comes to quick and easy meal preparation for families with picky eaters, an authority when it comes to creating healthy meals for any diet that don’t sacrifice flavor, or an ultimate foodie who becomes a trusted expert in their local cuisine. Local blogs are a fantastic option for creating a popular niche market for yourself.

Financial Stability

Financial stability is extremely important, especially in today’s economy. Everyone wants a trusted authority when it comes to saving, investing, budgeting, and more.

There are niche markets for lending and loaning, IRAs, stocks and bonds, and more. Perhaps you have the right advice for business professionals nearing retirement age who haven’t invested enough in an IRA yet.

Have you lived paycheck to paycheck and developed expertise when it comes to shoestring budgets? Use it to create a niche sub-market.

Finding Untapped Niche Marketsfinding untapped niche

There are a few tricks that can be employed to find niche markets. You are welcome to use our free trial to learn how to use keywords for page ranks and untapped markets. Here are a few additional tricks to use for success.

Google Trends

This is going to be your best friend when it comes to figuring out how popular and profitable a potential niche market is going to be. These tools will show you the search volume for the terms you look into over time. This is a measure of how much interest the market has for this niche.


Breakouts are trends that hit the market fast and hard then disappear as quickly as they came. These are fads. Some examples of breakout markets of the past include fidget spinners, Tickle Me Elmo, and cryptocurrencies.

Kids are the most likely dictators of breakout markets. They always want the next big thing for Christmas, and by February, these markets have all but disappeared.

An example of an industry that constantly has breakout markets is the gaming industry. There are a few game series that have become extremely popular among fans. When they release a new game, presales and sales explode for about a month or two, and then disappear once people have purchased and played the game and moved on to look for the next craze.

Niche marketers can keep an eye out for the types of game that hit these breakout moments and try to fashion similar titles to market during the wait time between their releases.

The key to making money in breakout markets is to catch them early. If interest spikes rapidly and you jump in quickly, you can make massive money, just like in a rapidly growing stock market environment.

To continue the stock market analogy, leaving these markets before they die is also important. If, for example, you saw fidget spinners gaining traction in early January and jumped into the market, you could have made a ton of money very quickly for a couple months.

The trick is jumping out of that market before you lose it all in product purchases that you won’t be able to move or sell once the end of March hits. If you hadn’t noticed the trend until mid-February, you would have missed this market.

Sustained Growth Over Time

Another trend that will be much easier to predict and jump into is sustainability in growth. If you can see that your niche keyword has shown slow but steady growth over time, then it is a good market to get into and start selling. The likelihood is that it will be pretty stable over time, and while you won’t gain tons of money very quickly, over time you will see increasing profits and you also won’t lose money on a fad that ends as quickly as it arrives.

Using Google Trends is a great way to help you discover the right phrases and keywords for your niche market. You can stay ahead of markets, discover what point they are in the process, and learn whether they will be sustainable over time or not. Using it can also tell you how much competition you will have in the market, because once you find a seemingly hot market, you can Google the keyword yourself to see how many people already tapped the market.

Currently Trending Niche Markets

trending niche markets

The hardest part of marketing is staying ahead of the curve. Even with Google Trends, you have to know which keywords to search to find what you need. We did a bit of the hard work for you. Here are some trends that we think will be huge this year.

Pet Supplies

These days, people love their pets as much as their children (if not more). While some markets are disappearing, others are thriving. Designer products for pets are huge.  People dress their pets in clothes, hats, and costumes. Capitalizing on this may be your niche market.

You could also get into luxury pet beds and homes. I know several chefs who have turned their hand to cooking up high end, gourmet pet treats and dog biscuits and it makes them better money than cooking for people! In fact, these days there are even people who take their dogs for a walk… in a stroller.

The market has room for all kinds of random items. Can you make custom, hand designed leashes and collars? Maybe you have a 3D printer and the ability to customize food bowls, paw washers, and more.

Self Care

A renewed focus on the importance of mental health has paved the way to a lot of innovation when it comes to self-care products. Capitalize on this market with your creativity. Can you make ultra plush pillows, blankets, and slippers? Face masks, spa products?

Think about mixing other products together to make your own, like massaging slippers and heated blankets.  

Are you an expert on mental health who knows how to write well? Consider a series of self-help books. Self publishing is so easy these days, and pretty cheap! In fact, Amazon makes it really easy to self publish ebooks for Kindle without any expense!


Fashion is an evergreen market, so you need to find your niche. I recommend targeting specific people and instances. Maybe you’re targeting girls looking forward to Prom. Perhaps you want to target people who are preparing for their first professional interview.

Weddings are an extremely popular niche market. Brides want everything to be perfect, from hair to shoes, and everything in between. This includes bridal shower fashion and trends, and pampering and self care ahead of the wedding. It can even extend to honeymoon trends and what fashion items to wear to impress your new husband while traveling comfortably.


There are tons of great sub-markets in the diet industry. A lot of times, diets become fads that come and go nearly as quickly as fidget spinners. The truth is that everyone needs a different diet, and there are tons of people open for marketing.

The Vegan niche market has become so expansive in 2018 that it now has sub-markets of its own! Look for the next Vegan-like niche. What type of dietary need isn’t being met by the food and diet industry, and what can you do to speak directly to them?


This evergreen market is massive and has tons and tons of sub-niches. If you don’t believe me, just look at sites like Coffee Meets Bagel, Farmers Only, and Plenty of Fish. These are all extremely successful dating sites and apps that target specific niches within the market.

What niche can you capitalize on that hasn’t been opened wide yet? Sugar daddies? Dating advice for men? Divorcees looking? Elderly people who don’t want to be lonely? How to help a failing marriage or relationship? Flirting tips for targeted ages and genders?

The possibilities here are endless!!


As you can see, niche marketing is a massive tool for small businesses. Knowing how to use it to your advantage will make you really stand out instead of getting lost in the sea of competing voices with similar articles all over the Internet.

Use analytical tools to find and capitalize on trends. Try to follow what’s popular and predict what will be next. You can help this process by looking for underserved people.

Remember, only a couple years ago vegans couldn’t find very many things to suit their diets. They couldn’t find menu items for them in restaurants. Now, the market has exploded to the point that vegan specialty restaurants exist and vegan alternatives are even sold in local grocery stores!

Focus on your personal interests and strengths. These will help point you in the right direction. When all else fails, start with an evergreen market and narrow it down until you have an extremely small sub-market.

Make sure you keep tabs on your market’s trends, too. Finding a niche market doesn’t mean that niche will be popular and profitable forever. You must be able to adapt and change with the market.

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