New Long Tail Platinum Feature: Import Your Own Keyword Lists

Written by Devin Sizemore

December 4, 2012

What if you have a large list of keywords that you want to check for search volume, cost per click, and other data?  Chances are that you would like to see the data for these keywords only without generating additional keywords initially.

Well, now you are in luck!  We’ve just released a new “platinum” feature that allows you to import up to 10,000 of your own keywords at once! This is especially useful if you like using external tools like Ubersuggest to generate keywords.

Watch this video to check it out:

[flowplayer id=”3755″]

Or click here to watch: Watch video here

How to Use this Feature

As mentioned in the video, one place to get a large list of keywords is from your own Google analytics.  If you own a blog, users are likely finding your site through various long tail keywords already.  By running this list of keywords through Long Tail Platinum, you’ll be able to detect high value keywords that perhaps you had not targeted very well in the past.

Once a winning keyword is found, you may want to consider writing a blog post specifically targeting this keyword (if you haven’t already), or taking other measures to generate traffic from this keyword.

In addition, you can compile large lists of keywords from other locations through your own brainstorming, websites with lists, other tools, and many other locations.

This powerful new feature is sure to put you a step ahead of your competition…enjoy!

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  1. Andy B


  2. Sally S

    Haven’t used LTP for that long, but I’ve looked for a feature like this a few times. You read my mind.

  3. jocelyn

    you can use keywordresearcher and then import to this feature.. great option.. try out the free trial…

  4. LifeIncome

    Is this a part of our purchase or an additional charge?


    • Spencer

      Platinum is an upgrade from the standard version. You can see the current pricing on the homepage if you want to upgrade.

  5. Jeff

    hey spencer, i use Seomoz keyword difficulty tool. does LTP have a similar feature? Example i enter in a list of words it spits out a number for that specific keyword on the difficulty to rank.

    • Spencer

      Yes, the Platinum version of the software has what we call, Keyword Competitiveness. This is comparable to the keyword difficulty number given by SEOmoz. Its gives 1 overall number for how difficult it would be to rank for that given keyword. You can see a video demo of it at (second half of the video is the platinum version).

  6. Jeff

    Never mind I see where it is.. thanks.

  7. Rajesh

    Hey Spencer,

    What does the future hold for LTP, now that Google is going to stop the Adwords keyword tool and make Keyword Planner as the standard keywords tool?

    Would love to hear from you on this.


    • Spencer

      Long Tail Pro will continue to function as normal. We’ve already been programming behind the scenes for many months to update the software to work with the keyword planner. We are all ready for the change. Thanks!


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