New Features of Long Tail Pro Version 1.3.0

We have made quite a few updates to the software over the past couple of weeks and added one huge time saving feature.  That feature is the ability to save your settings from campaign to campaign.  So, now rather than having to select your favorite settings like: exact match, check for .com, .net, .org domains, filter based on search volume and cpc, etc – these will be pre-selected for you based on your personal settings.

You can watch a video right here of how to use the new default configuration feature.

Support for Additional Countries

In addition, we’ve added the ability to search for 3 new domain extensions:

  • .de
  • .nl
  • .dk

We have also added the ability to perform Competitor Analysis and Rank Checks in Google country versions for:

  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark

So, now if you want to try and rank in,, or you can see who your true competitors are with the competitor analysis and see where you rank with the Rank Checker.

Finally, there were several other minor fixes or updates that were taken care of in version 1.3.0.  Here is a complete list of the changes made from version 1.2.22 (the last version) to the newest one:

  • Added ability to save default campaign configuration.
  • Possible fix for issue where the update window pops under the main window.
  • Additional fix for “Show Results For…” checkbox.
  • Added support for additional countries in domains, Competitor Analysis, and Rank Checker.
  • Added additional tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with Exporting.
  • Added ability to sort Rank Checker columns.
  • Added message when all keyword results are filtered out.
  • Fix so that keywords will not generate again unless necessary, even after app is closed and re-opened.

As always, we are continuing to work on additional features and improvements to the software to make it the best keyword research tool on the market!