Are you a roofing contractor looking for a steady stream of business? Long Tail Pro have 3 simple and clever marketing ideas for roofing companies. It’s tough to make sweeping statements about the state of the roofing business as a whole. Factors such as location and local economies can make the outlook of a roofing company in the Southeast very different from one in the Pacific Northwest.

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Whether your roofing business is booming or busting, most people wouldn’t mind having a more steady stream of leads and customers.

Here are 3 very practical, super affordable marketing ideas for roofing companies that will work whether your company is large or small.

1. Be Ready To Be Googled

People are searching all kinds of things related to roofing in your area. If you were based in Athens, GA the searches might look like:

“Roof repair in Athens”

“Best roofing companies near Athens” 

“Athens roofers” 


This doesn’t include other more tactical searches like “how to fix a leaking roof” that you’d ideally like to show up for. We’ll discuss how to rank for those a little later.

When it comes to roofing marketing ideas, you need to make sure that at the very least you’ve claimed your spot as a Google Business.

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It’s free to do, and should just take a couple of minutes.

The result is that when people look for your business on Google, or when you show up in their results for things like “Athens roofers” they’ll see more complete, and accurate information, as shown below:

marketing ideas for roofing companies

Source: Google

When you set up your business’ profile on Google, you’ll be able to do things like:

  • Respond to customer reviews left on Google
  • Add photos of your business or your work
  • Add accurate store hours and location information
  • Put your best phone number and other contact information

Obviously Google is a huge player in online search, but they aren’t the only one. There are a number of business directories and review sites that you should also take the time to sign up for.

Most let you claim a business for free, but may also offer some paid services which you aren’t obligated to buy.

The sites I’m referring to are Yellow Book online,  Bing businesses, Yelp, and many more.

Here is a fantastic list of the 20 places your business should be online.

2. Answer Questions on Your Website

This one sounds simple, but most of your competitors aren’t doing it.

Customers have tons of questions, as you already know.

“Which kind of shingle last longest?”

“How much will my roof cost?”

“Should I repair my roof? Or buy a new one?”

If you hear questions like this from customers, then it is safe to assume that they are asking these questions on Google as well.

roofing contractor marketing ideas: Who better to answer those questions than you? 

If you want to pull in more free traffic to your website, then I’d suggest answering all of these common questions on your website in the form of a blog post.

The good news is, you’ll have plenty of ideas to get started by writing down all the questions you get on a daily basis.

There are several benefits for you by following these Marketing ideas for roofing companies approach: 

  1. The traffic is easier to get. By focusing on these long, specific questions with your content – you have less competition. Tons of companies target generic keywords like “Buy a roof” but far fewer actually create content for things like “how much does it cost to install an asphalt shingle roof?” We call these long tail keywords, and suggest that you focus on them early and often with your content.
  2. It’s free to do. Assuming you create your own content, you can expect to create this content for free and pick up additional leads without paying for advertising
  3. You build trust and authority with your customers. By delivering well thought out and knowledgeable answers, you are proving that you are an expert in the roofing business. Readers begin to trust you, and warm up to the idea of inviting you out to give an estimate.

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3. Deliver a Personal Touch

The first 2 ideas involve setting up a few things for your roofing business online. The content strategy should be an ongoing effort that can produce long-term results, but in a way they are both things that you can do one time and reap dividends for years to come.

The final marketing idea for roofing companies involves more of an ongoing effort, but can make a huge impact on how your roofing business is perceived and how eager people are to refer their friends to you.

I don’t have to tell you that word of mouth advertising is a potential gold mine.

People take the recommendations of their family and friends very seriously, so any steps you can take to increase referrals could be huge for business.

For Mike Doyle of Rent Like A Champion, a service which allows college football fans to rent homes near campus during game weekends, they set a standard that anytime someone lists a home for rent or reserves a rental home they get a personal phone call. Mike admits that it’s been tough to keep up with as they’ve grown, but calling to say “thanks” and ask if there are any questions is something they see as both a customer service and marketing activity.

From the marketing side, having a personal touch helps new customers feel special and feel a connection with your brand. It can also get people talking, which has really helped Mike via the word out mouth advertising it has produced.

Do your customers feel special when they get an estimate or one of your services?

Or do they just feel like a number?

One simple way to try this out would be to make a simple, friendly phone call to everyone who requests an estimate and just say “thanks for the opportunity, we look forward to meeting you.”

Obviously you could customize this message, but taking that small step would make quite an impression on a potential customer.

How to Market a Roofing Company – Wrap Up

Marketing your roofing company doesn’t have to be rocket science.

It can be practical and simple.

Start by laying claim to your business listings online, then work on your website content and make sure you focus on the things that your customers are searching for online. This will give you the opportunity to be seen as an expert in your field.

Then, by adding a personal touch after customers start interacting with you, you’ll start earning a reputation of a company who really cares about their customers – not just one who sees them as a number.

Best of luck in your business!

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