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An In-Depth User Manual for LTP Software

Spencer Haws

“You already know the theory—look for low competition, high profitable long-tail keywords to create content that can attract high traffic to your site. But how do you put that to practice? Do you know which seed keywords to use, how to build long-tail keywords, how to create monetizable content? More importantly, can you afford to take your time learning through experience at your own pace, not worrying about your competition?”

Presenting Long Tail University

Designed by Spencer Haws—the owner of Niche Pursuits, this is the EXACT system he has used to find profitable keywords across all his businesses. And it’s worked for him for years.  

No matter the type of online business you have or want to build, niche sites, authority blogs, or a product business . . .



How to 2X Your Traffic with Content

Meet Robyn Howard, Content Domination System Mastermind

I’ve managed the content of over a dozen sites, some that have generated revenue of over $50K per month. Using my unique content planning and marketing systems, I’ve consistently produced high-quality content that continues to rank well in search engines.

In this training, I show you how to develop a content plan that works for you, hire knowledgeable writers at industry low rates, and how to optimize your articles in a way that search engines love.

You’ll learn my exact system I’ve used on my clients’ sites to ensure consistent, high-quality content, that is loved by both your audience and search engines.

You get my complete content planning system. Use it to produce high-quality content on a regular basis yourself or to find an amazing writer or team of writers that can produce great content week after week for your audience.

What You’ll Learn in Our 3-Week Content Domination Training

Week 1: Developing a Content Strategy
  • Getting ideas for content
  • Defining content goals
  • Turning content goals into keyword research
  • Strategies for new & existing sites


Week 2: How to Outsource Effectively
  • Creating a job post that gets you the best candidates
  • Interviewing writers to grab the best talent
  • What to include in article guidelines to ensure quality
Week 3: On-Page Optimization
  • Content format, length, and the perfect Call To Action
  • Linking out to other blogs
  • Where and how to find great images
  • Essential On-Page SEO



The SEO Strategy That Has Helped Sites Increase Traffic By Up to 4X

Module 1: How to Run Site Audits
  • Learn the elements search engines look for in a site when ranking it and how to identify and resolve related issues.
  • Discover how to run a backlink audit to identify and remove the bad backlinks in a site.
  • Understand how to regularize the auditing process so that you save time conducting annual audits and prevent catastrophic site failures.
Module 2: Configure Sitewide SEO and UX
  • How to structure a site link & not fall into WordPress defaults.
  • Why UX matters for SEO & how to make your site easy to navigate for your visitors.
  • How to build a clean link structure that’s easy for search engines to index.
  • How to make your pillar article act as your category page.
  • What a schema is and how to set them up using plugins.
  • Content structures that work.
Module 3: How to Fix Technical SEO Issues
  • Get a checklist that you can use to identify, track, and resolve SEO issues.
  • Learn how to fix the SEO issues you identify, such as duplicate content, broken links, mobile-friendliness, site speed, etc.
  • Learn about google penalties—when are they enforced, how you can avoid them, and how to recover from a penalty.


The SEO Strategy That Has Helped Sites Increase Traffic By Up to 4X



Bare-bones, No-Fluff Essentials for On-Site SEO

The Foundations Of SEO Success focuses on helping you set up SEO for your site without depending on “experts”. It doesn’t matter if you’re a thoroughbred SEO professional or an absolute newbie—this class is created as a follow-along-simple and easy-to-implement system. And most importantly . . . Foundations Of SEO Success is a complete foundational system for on-site SEO that is pocket-friendly.


Specifically, the Foundations Of SEO Success is delivered across 3 modules:

Module 1 - Building Sitewide Foundations
No building can stand tall without a strong foundation and that holds true for high-traffic sites. At the end of this module, you’ll have:  
  • The step-by-step “set it and forget it” configurations for image optimization, site speed, on-page SEO, and more
Simply take it and replicate it.
Module 2 - Implementing A Silo Structure
Once your foundation is built, it’s time to build and structure your content—the value that brings leads to your site and keeps them there. It’s not enough to create great content, you also need to structure and tag it in a way that is easy for both users and search bots to read and index your page accurately.    At the end of this module, you’ll know:
  • The simple process for setting up your site structure using Silos, improving your UX, and implementing site-wide authority distribution.
Stick to this process and you’ll soon have an easy-to-navigate site.
Module 3 - Developing Rich & Featured Search Results
There’s no such thing as the perfect site structure since search engines are always updating their algorithms for indexing and cataloging. This module specifically focuses on how to make your site even more accessible to users and search bots. At the end of this module. you’ll learn:   
  • How to get your site to appear in the knowledge graph, featured snippets, and FAQs to generate extra traffic.



Long Tail University, Content Domination, and Technical SEO Mastery

* Does not include Foundations for SEO Success, as its material is covered in Technical SEO Mastery.

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