Long Tail Pro vs. Ultimate Niche Finder – Keyword Tool Comparison

We’re often asked about what the differences are between Long Tail Pro and other leading keyword tools on the market. Often there are some similarities in the functionality, but there are also quite a few key differences. Here is a breakdown of Long Tail Pro vs. Ultimate Niche Finder.

Keyword Tool Basics

The fundamental concept behind long tail keywords is finding keywords that you can target with your content that are searched often enough, but also have relatively low competition. The idea is finding that sweet spot so you can put together a well-optimized page targeting that keyword, and have a strong chance of moving up to the first page of Google for that search term.

So at a basic level, a keyword research tool should help you find keyword ideas, see how often it is searched, and then analyze the competition for that keyword.

As it sounds, this can be a somewhat time consuming process when you need to find a large amount of keywords. So one of the factors in selecting a keyword research tool is finding one that is going to cut down on the amount of time you have to spend to find strong keywords and one that comes at a price that makes sense for your business.

Kind of like when you buy a car, you have choices from a used Ford Fiesta all the way to a brand new Cadillac Escalade.

Similarly with keyword research, there are some things you can do for free and there are some tools that are very expensive and are loaded with features that frankly, not everyone needs.

It’s much the same with Long Tail Pro and Ultimate Niche Finder.

Both help you accomplish similar things, but they go about it in a different way and have different levels of functionality. Let’s dive into more details:

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Price Comparison

Long Tail Pro and Ultimate Niche Finder handle their pricing differently. With Ultimate Niche Finder, you choose between 3 different monthly subscription plans with the major variable being how many licenses you need:

As you can see, all 3 options are recurring, ongoing subscriptions. So after one year, you’d spend about $240 for “expert” level and then about $480 after 2 years.

Long Tail Platinum is currently Priced at $37 a month.

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The biggest features in Platinum are the keyword competitiveness calculation, which gives you a numeric score on how difficult a keyword would be to rank for on a scale of 1 – 100, and a “favorites” tool which lets you save and track your keywords inside of the software.

There are no limits on the number of keyword searches you can do per day.

Both products offer “risk free” guarantees. For Long Tail Pro, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase. For Ultimate Niche Finder, you don’t have to pay for your first month until day 30, so technically you can try it out and cancel before your first payment. In either case, you will likely know within just a few days if a particular solution is going to work for you.

In addition to a money back offer, Long Tail Pro also offers a no commitment $1 trial of the software. You can start a $1 trial right now on the Long Tail Pro Homepage.

Long Tail Pro and Ultimate Niche Finder Similarities

As you might imagine, 2 tools that do the same basic thing – keyword research – are going to have some similarities. Here is a quick rundown of some of the things that Long Tail Pro and Ultimate Niche Finder have in common, although the features may not look exactly the same in each product.

1. Both Tools Start With Seed Keywords and Give Related Ideas

In both tools you start by entering a “seed keyword” which is basically an idea starter, and then they spit out a bunch (up to 800) related keyword ideas based on your seed keyword.

2. Both Check Domain Availability.

If you are looking for “exact match domains”, both tools have an integrated domain checker to see if that domain is available. So if the keyword idea is “best portable speakers” each software can check to see if “bestportablespeakers.com” etc. are available.

3. Built-in Filtering. “Filtering” simply means that you are able to customize your search by saying that you only want keywords that get searched at least 1,000 times per month, for instance.

Other filters might be to only include keywords that have a specific word in them, and exclude all others.

Both tools have a filtering ability – but Long Tail Pro allows for filtering before you generate keywords and after. In Ultimate Niche Finder, you can filter their columns only after you’ve generated keywords for your idea.

4. Keyword Competitiveness Rating. Both Long Tail Pro and Ultimate Niche Finder have a tool to help you understand how likely you are to rank for a keyword.

Ultimate Niche Finder also has a numeric competition rank, which is on a scale of 1 – 100. The criteria that each software uses is a little different, but you can see the difficulty column shown in UNF below:

Long Tail Pro and Ultimate Niche Finder Differences

While there are quite a few similarities between these 2 keyword research tools, there are also a number of differences.  While this probably isn’t an exhaustive list, here are some differences you may notice: 

1. Ultimate Niche Finder is Windows Only. Long Tail Pro is run on Adobe Air and can be downloaded and installed on a Mac or a PC.  Ultimate Niche Finder is an “.exe” file and will only work on a Microsoft Windows installation.

2. Bulk Importing Your Own Keywords. Long Tail Platinum lets you easily copy/paste up to 10,000 of your own keywords into the system to analyze. This is a critical feature when using third party tools like Ubersuggest and really helps you find more keywords in a shorter amount of time. Click here to see an example of how you can effectively use this feature.

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