Long Tail Pro Updates – Version 1.2.2

We have made several updates since the last post here.  However, I wanted to cover some of the latest enhancements to the software.  In addition, there are many more to come!  We are constantly working on improving the tool and adding features as we see fit.

One of the first enhancements added to Long Tail Pro are the build in “best practices” notes.  These tool tips appear when you hover over various sections of the software and explain what each function is for and how to best use the software.  For example, here is a screenshot of one of the tool tips when you hover over the “Add” seed keywords box:

You will find a number of these tools tips as you hover over filter settings, domain availability, and various sections throughout the tool.

Another addition made is the ability to delete unwanted keywords from your generated keyword list.  If you want to do all of your analysis within Long Tail Pro, this allows you to get rid of those keywords that you are no longer interested in.  Just click the red “x” to remove the keywords from the list:

In addition, we updated the design slightly of the software in relation to some of the buttons.  You may have noticed this already as it was in a previous version, but we think they look pretty good!

Finally, we are always striving to enhance the software and add those features that users want to see.  One of those features is the ability to save campaign settings for future campaigns.  In other words, if you always do a keyword search with the following settings: exact match, check for domain availability for .com, .net, and .org, and filter out keywords with less than 1000 searches per month, and less than $1.00 CPC per month; you won’t have to input this information each time you start a new campaign!  You will simply be able to load these settings and be on your way.

We also have a few additional features in the works, so I will keep you posted on those down the road.  Overall, we are continuing to do all we can to make Long Tail Pro the best keyword research tool on the market!