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As you are likely aware, Google has recently announced that they will phasing out the old Google Keyword Tool and moving to their new Keyword Planner Tool.

How will this change affect Long Tail Pro?  This is exactly what I plan to cover in this post, along with some great updates that we’ve made to the software in conjunction with this change.

I am happy to say that Long Tail Pro will continue to work with the new Keyword Planner tool!  We have just released version 2.3.0 of the software, which now incorporates the change to the Keyword Planner.  So, if you haven’t had a chance yet, go ahead and open your copy of Long Tail Pro to get the automatic and free update to the latest version. We’re committed to making sure that Long Tail Pro remains the leading keyword research software in the market.

What Stays the Same?

The Google Keyword Planner still provides much of the same data as the old Google Keyword Tool.  In fact, most users will not notice any changes within Long Tail Pro.  You can still generate up to 800 keyword ideas for each seed keyword.  You can also still input multiple seed keywords at once, find exact match domains, and filter your results automatically based on what you want to see.

In addition to monthly search volumes for keywords, you will also continue to get Cost Per Click (CPC) data along with Advertiser competition data.  All the great data that you have become accustomed to, is still available in Long Tail Pro.

The Rank Tracker and Competitor Analysis are not affected at all with the changes.  They continue to function as they normally have.

What Changes?

In addition to some of the changes brought about due to the new Google Keyword Planner tool, we’ve also made a number of improvements that we were unable to do before.  I am going to run through what is different now in Long Tail Pro.

Auto-Login to Google Adwords


You will no longer be forced to click “Log In” before generating keywords.  Instead, the software will detect if you are already logged into Google Adwords.  If not, you will automatically get a log in box pop-up; where you can save your log in credentials (if you want), so that you don’t have to login in the future.

This is just a nice time saving feature, because you will have one less step if you chose to save your login credentials.


Long Tail Pro Just Got Faster!

We take speed seriously around here at Long Tail Pro, and well, thanks to some performance improvements we’ve made, you will notice that the fastest keyword research tool, just got faster!

You can continue to search for multiple seed keywords and automatically filter, which have always been a big time saver; but you will now notice that all of your keyword results will come back even faster.  You’re welcome.

Search Volumes Include Mobile and More

The new Keyword Planner now provides data for mobile, tablets, and all other devices.  Previously, you could only select data for mobile devices separately.  As a result, the search volume you see in Long Tail Pro will be more accurate for how users are using Google now.  People are searching more and more on devices other than desktops and laptops; so now you will see that data in Long Tail Pro.

As a result, if you compare the search volume in the old Google Keyword Tool with the new Keyword Planner, you will notice that the search volume is a bit higher in the Keyword Planner.  This is due to the fact that all devices are now covered.

We see this as a positive move towards more accurate information.

Include and Exclude Keywords

The new Keyword Planner has an option to “Only include keywords containing” the terms you input; or to “Exclude keywords containing” any terms you input.

As a result, we’ve added this feature to Long Tail Pro!  Previously, there was essentially the “Include” feature in the campaign settings window; but the “Exclude” function is new for Long Tail Pro.  As you can see from the image below, you can simply input your Include or Exclude terms for each seed keyword.

If you leave them blank, Long Tail Pro will just generate 800 related keywords as it always has.


Exact Match Searches Only

I have always taught for a long time, that Exact match is the only search volume number that you should be looking at.  Previously, in the old Google Adwords Keyword tool, you could select Broad, Phrase, or Exact match.  However, the Keyword Planner displays only Exact match search volume.

As a result, there is no longer an option within Long Tail Pro to see Broad or Phrase match search volumes.  While we wished we could still show this data for those that wanted it; we are happy that Google continues to show Exact match search volumes; which we have always felt is the most important all along.

Local and Global Search Volume

The new Keyword Planner displays Local search volume by default as well.  Again, this is the search volume that I have always said is what you should be looking at.

So, the search volume shown in Long Tail Pro is for “Local” searches.  This means the search volume displayed is the amount of search occurring in whatever country you have selected in your campaign.

Despite the fact that I, and many others only care about Local searches; we are well aware that some of you want a Global number.  As a result, we are working our programming magic to come up with a way to give you a Global search volume in addition to the default Local search volume on one screen.

We expect to be releasing an update in the near future that gives you an option to see Global numbers combined with Local search volume.

Advertiser Competition

The new Keyword Planner continues to provide Advertiser Competition; however, it is only shown as Low, Medium, or High.  As a result, we can no longer display a number between 0 and 100 for advertiser competition.  So, while its not quite as accurate, you can still get a good idea of how many advertisers are bidding on a keyword with the Low, Medium, or High data.

Other Changes

Overall, we’ve also made some minor changes to the user interface to make the tool more efficient.

Finally, for this new version, we will be creating new tutorial videos that reflect what we have discussed here.  Those new tutorial videos and user manual are currently under production.  However, for those of you already using Long Tail Pro, you will be able to pick up the new version and continue finding great keywords like you always have.

Should you have any addition questions, comments, or concerns; feel free to contact us on our Support page right here.


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