How LTP Is Increasing My Organic Traffic?

Written by Devin Sizemore

May 11, 2018

Updated August 2018

I’m a proud user of Long Tail Pro because it helps me to increase search engine traffic to my blogs.

I have been using this keyword research tool since 2014, so I’m very familiar with its great qualities.  

The potential for finding rankable and profitable keywords in almost any niche is a great feature of LTP.

I own 5+ blogs, and I use the long tail pro keyword generator tool to discover the low competition keywords for every one of my blog posts.

If you look at the screenshot below, you will see that I’ve boosted the organic traffic to my blogs.

organic trafficYou can see the search engine traffic improvement of one of my tech blogs. And I’m utilizing LTP to grab the best search phrases related to the blog topics.

LTP Cloud Version

I initially purchased the lifetime version of Long Tail Pro Platinum and was using the desktop version.

I moved to the cloud version because LTP introduced some new features, like serp availability, rank tracker, color coded KC values, and exact search volume among other features.

I was quite impressed with the newly launched features and started using LTP Cloud version to perform my keyword research.

Here’s my favorite features of LTP cloud version:

  • Super fast results, faster than the desktop version
  • Automatic KC calculation (KC – keyword competitiveness)
  • Personal domain analysis
  • 10,000 monthly searches
  • Advanced options to filter the keywords through monthly searches & advertiser competition
  • Step by step video tutorials

How I Configure LTP Cloud To Increase My Organic Traffic

Before crafting any blog post, I visit and enter my seed keyword (the blog topic that needs to be brainstormed).

When clicking the “Retrieve” button, I get the results for my seed keyword.

You can enter five seed keywords, but you can get between 20 to 400 keyword suggestions for each seed keyword mentioned.

seed keywordsNow, it’s time to look at the keyword suggestions, their search volume, and Avg. KC score.

I always choose the focus keyword with medium search volume (say 500 – 2000) and Avg. KC score less than 25 (the lower the KC value, the higher the ranking potential).

Now, look at the below screenshot!

screenshotYou can see the low competition keywords along with their volume of searches suggested by Long Tail Pro.

I’ll go either with the fourth or fifth keyword suggestion (Watch dubbed anime online free or dubbed amine online free) because they have a decent search volume, low avg. KC and good rank value as well.

Now, I have decided on the primary keyword and got the LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords to include the content (I’ll include all the low competition related keywords in my blog post) as well.

In the above screenshot, you can see that I have marked the buttons “+20”. When they are clicked, LTP will provide 20 more relevant search phrase terms for each keyword.

This way it is more likely to grab all the related searches for the main keyword that I have chosen.

You can also perform a competition analysis by clicking the keywords from the dashboard and looking at the Top 10 search results of Google.

search resultsTherefore, with the help of the metrics like Avg. KC and the Google Top Results of the primary keyword that I have chosen, I can conclude whether I could rank for the targeted keyword or not.

Now, you might guess that I highly rely on this tool to narrow down my keyword research method.

Of course, your guess is right!

I often use LTP to determine the low competition keywords related to my niches, and hence, the SEO performance of my blogs is improving immensely.

Wrapping Up

If you don’t understand how search engines work, then you will be missing a lot of organic traffic.

You can quickly decide the primary keyword (focus keyword) and LSI keywords by looking at the Avg. KC values offered by the LTP tool.

If you do SEO keyword research the right way, I’m sure that you will improve your SEO with this fantastic long tail keyword suggestion tool.

I’m glad that I got the opportunity to reveal the strategy of increasing my organic traffic with the Long Tail Pro blog readers.

I would like to know your tactics of getting low-competition keywords that let you rock on the web. Connect with me in the comments section!


Here’s a demo of LTP in action.

About the Author

NirmalaPassionate Blogger and tech writer Nirmala has been using LTP for the past 3 years to bring organic traffic to her blogs. She is a WordPress freak who shares her knowledge on her blog, WPGlossy. Apart from writing & blogging, she would like to help newbies in learning SEO.

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  1. Bhagyesh

    Great Article Nirmala, I am also searching for Long Tail Keywords. I Think I should try LTP for 7 Days

    • Nirmala

      Hi Bhagyesh,

      Thanks for reading the post. Glad I could help the readers to do the keyword research with the help of the long tail pro. Yes, you may try the tool through its free trial. Good luck to improve your search engine traffic.

  2. Nirali Jain

    Wow, I really loved this post. Thank you for sharing this. Keep posting such great post and keep spread valuable knowledge.

  3. Manav Mathur

    Does the LTP Provide any agency discount? Would love to buy it for my Agency.

    • Long Tail Pro Team

      Hi, you can check out our Monthly and Annual Agency Plans which you can see in our homepage


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