Your Guide to Promoting Products through Amazon Affiliates

Written by Devin Sizemore

April 15, 2019

marketingYou want to make some money online and have heard a lot of buzz about Amazon allowing people to make commission for sales they generate. What’s this all about? It’s called affiliate marketing, and it can be an extremely lucrative revenue stream if you take the time to do it right.

Affiliate marketing is a partnership between an individual – you – and a business where the business will pay you a commission for sales that you generate. This is done through a unique affiliate link.

One of the biggest affiliate programs online right now is Amazon’s program. These Amazon Associates apply for the Amazon program and start making money.

Gee, that sounds great! So, how do you become an affiliate marketer for Amazon?

Keep reading. We are going to teach you how to advertise Amazon products on your website and earn money from Amazon Associates.

Can You Be An Amazon Affiliate Without A Website?

If you’re concerned that you don’t have an established blog or website, then don’t worry. You can still make money in the Amazon affiliates program!

In fact, if you know how to leverage SEO (search engine optimization) tactics, you have an even better chance at making lots of money than established websites. Video mediums, like YouTube, come with internal linking and a certain amount of established credit in Google rankings.


The key factor that you need to keep in mind is to choose the right platform for publishing free content. Some of the high authority sites that do well in Google rankings are Medium, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Advantages Of No Website Or Blog

These platforms mentioned above will get your content ranked much faster than it will take to establish and rank a blog. Link building is also safer to do here than on newer domains.

Another great advantage is that using a well-known site is that is has a better click through rate. People will recognize the host site’s brand, so it automatically ascribes trust to your content.

Promote Yourself

Using social media is a great way to get your content seen and shared. Referral traffic to an article will boost the rankings faster and higher. Facebook ads will make sure your content is shown directly to your niche market so that revenue isn’t wasted.

You can also promote it yourself by posting your link through Reddit and other social media sites.

Keyword Research

One of the most critical aspects of making money is doing keyword research. You can write about a topic you care about, but people won’t find it if they’re not looking for the things you are writing.

Long tail keywords are a great way for new people in the Internet marketing business to get used to building credit within the Google ranking system. These are search criteria that contain at least three words. They can be used to target niche demographics rather than getting lost in larger searches.

Basically, long tail keywords are search terms that generate very few search results because they are so specific, but can all but guarantee traffic for those who search it.

While you’re browsing through our blog, why don’t you take advantage of our free trial. This will allow you to see what keywords people are searching for and which searches in your niche market have the lowest competition among other sites.

As an affiliate, keyword research will allow you to find the products people are searching for, which will let you make money advertising for Amazon.


One of the ways to manage your money is by using different tracking IDs. A lot of people make the mistake of using a single affiliate tracking ID for all of their product promotions across all websites. This is not very useful. Sure, you will get your commission, but you won’t glean any information about where the revenue is coming from.

Using multiple IDs allows you to track where your sales and conversions are coming from. This means that you can adjust your future marketing based on what was successful and what bombed. Your Amazon affiliate panel will allow you to create multiple tracking IDs.

Timing Matterstime matters

People tend to spend more during certain times of the year. Make sure that you take advantage of this. Naturally, November and December are huge buying times because of the holidays. Take extra care to promote ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and target a few posts for early birds and last minute shoppers.

On top of these obvious times of year, there is also a great opportunity for sales during Tax Season. People have their refunds burning holes in their pocket. A lot of them use this time of year to buy more expensive luxury goods that they couldn’t otherwise afford. This is a time when people frequently upgrade their technology.

Amazon also offers a lot of great sales. Make sure to link to them during Prime Day. They run massive sales, and your affiliate ID is valid across the entire site for 24 hours, so even if they don’t purchase the product you used to get them to Amazon, they may get sidetracked by some of the amazing Prime Day sales and earn you some commission based on unrelated products!

Other holidays also make for great sales opportunities. For example, consider marketing to your niche for Halloween. This is especially easy to do because you can market to pet owners (adorable costumes for their animals), home decorators, people who enjoy spooky theme events, party goers, trick or treat buyers, ad even leverage your makeup tutorials to sell specific color palettes for creating their character makeup looks!  

Don’t forget about graduations and back-to-school shopping, either. People of all ages are looking for updated wardrobes and supplies. Everything from bargain school supplies to dorm accessories and high-end technology will be sought after, and you can provide some great content!

Mandatory Pages

Amazon’s affiliate program has a lot of rules to follow, and is a bit more difficult to get into than some of the more beginner-friendly sites.

In order to rank well in Google and be accepted into Amazon, make sure your website includes the following pages:

  • About – You should create a page that talks about your brand. Who are you and why are you an authority on this topic/in this niche?
  • Contact – Give your users a way to contact you. Major businesses are required to provide a way to contact live support at a business. Having this page will ensure you are legitimate.
  • Privacy Policy – This one is more for larger businesses than bloggers, but it helps you gain trust when you can say that you don’t sell any user data.
  • Affiliate Disclosure – This one is vital. Amazon requires all of their affiliates to disclose that they are making commission through the Amazon website. This establishes trust with your user base. They know you are being paid to promote the items you love, and they know that you are linking to Amazon, a reputable marketplace.

High Quality Content

At the end of the day, the quality of your content will determine the success of your marketing. It’s a careful balance between staying transparent without blatant sales pitches and between offering engaging content for readers while still maintaining proper keywords for SEO (search engine optimization).

Publishing a diverse type of content while remaining solidly in your marketing niche is a skill you will need to develop. Offering reviews of individual products is a great way to highlight them for your affiliate commission. You can also increase the likelihood of conversion by compiling a ranking of the top products in a category. This helps with long tail searching.

Finally, offering buyers guides and then encouraging them with a starting point will allow them to browse the marketplace themselves while still showing Amazon that you’ve given them the traffic.

Make sure that you are writing well. If you have trouble with that, use editing software. A lot of professionals use Grammarly, a writing assistant with free and paid versions that checks all of your documents for spelling, grammar, and plagiarism. Nothing takes away from your authority as an expert like copy riddled with typos.

Social Media 

social media

While Amazon isn’t a huge fan of using your affiliate link outside of approved areas, you can easily get around this by promoting your website’s content. Use your social media platforms to drive content to your website’s post. Then, put your affiliate link in the website content.

Social media platforms are full of updates from friends and followers. When you attract a lot of followers to your brand, you increase the likelihood that you can sell products.

When it comes to Facebook and Instagram, content seems even less like promotion because they are embedded in feeds from their friends and family. Spending a little money on AdSense can also ensure that your content is seen by people who are directly in your very small targeted niche market.


There are a lot of ways to earn money with the Amazon affiliate program. It all comes down to choosing products that are in your niche, doing massive keyword research and utilizing long tail keywords, and driving traffic to your site using great content.

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