How To Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products

Written by Devin Sizemore

November 28, 2017

Amazon Associates is the mecca of online affiliate sales. If you want to try your hand at creating a business with affiliate websites, you’ll likely find the most success with Amazon Associates. Amazon houses millions of products in a broad range of industries, so you can find products that match your niche seamlessly.

But, learning how to find the best Amazon affiliate products isn’t always an easy process. Your niche and its products must be profitable and marketable so that people want to buy them, and you earn a worthwhile commission from them. If not, your business model can’t succeed.

This guide will give you tips for finding a profitable niche using Amazon and effective keyword research so that you can find products that your audience wants to purchase. We’ll also look at a couple of successful Amazon affiliate websites to learn what they’re doing right, and how you can emulate their success.

How To Find the Best Amazon Affiliate Products For A Business Strategy

We could fib and say that building an affiliate website is simple, but that wouldn’t do you or your business any good. In truth, people spend days and weeks just researching the best niche and products for their affiliate sites. Then, it’s time to build, market, and plan content for the site to build an audience of people who are interested in the products you recommend.

Successful affiliate sites take a lot of work to start and continue, but they can also be an incredible online business model that provides steady, passive income for you. Your success will mostly rely on your ability to pick a profitable niche and products within that niche.

Pick A Profitable Niche

It might be tempting to start recommending a variety of products that spark your interest on your website, but this isn’t the key to success. Very few affiliate sites find success without first picking a niche. For example, focuses on in-depth product reviews of electronics and techie gadgets. provides helpful reviews about hosting companies and related products.

When you visit the sites, you know exactly what type of site it is and what you can find there. It’s important to do the same for your own site so that you find your target audience and they continue to come to you for the help they need.

Keep Your Interests And Expertise In Mind

Your interests are important when it comes to picking a niche, especially if you’ve had a lot of experience in an industry. You’ll notice that successful Amazon affiliate websites have authority in their industry. People trust their reviews and articles enough to purchase the products recommended within the website content.

You don’t necessarily need experience to come across as an expert in any field, but it certainly helps when people know you’re connected to that industry in some way. For example, would you rather purchase a marketing book from Neil Patel, a mover and shaker in the industry, or from someone who has had no marketing experience and just created his website yesterday?

Begin your research process by creating a list of things you’d consider yourself an expert on. The more options you have available, the easier it will be to find a niche you’re excited about when you begin moving further into the research process.

The Importance Of Keyword Research

We’ve talked about the importance of keyword research for your website. Keywords are the keystone of search engine optimization (SEO), which helps your site rank in search engines. Your affiliate site will also need a large dose of keyword research before you pick your niche so that you can determine if your niche is profitable.

Long Tail Pro is a tool you can use for effective keyword research to scope out how much competition your niche might have. If several other affiliate sites are already ranking for the keywords for which you want to rank, then you won’t have an easy time outperforming your competitors. You can always find a unique twist on your chosen niche by looking at longtail keywords and making your site have a narrower scope. Rather than fitness equipment, for example, create a website about fitness equipment for people with chronic pain for a unique angle.

Research The Most Profitable Products In Your Niche

With your chosen niche in place, you can now start using Amazon to research the right products for your site. Your products should be 100% relevant to your niche, have undeniable quality, and be profitable.

Fortunately, Amazon has plenty of tools to help you find these products. First, find the Amazon category that best matches your website niche. For example, if you are creating a site about skincare products for women, navigate to the Beauty & Health > Professional Skincare category to search for products. Use whatever filters you need to match your niche as closely as possible, such as sun care or aging products.

Then, see what products have the highest rating by using the Sort By feature to filter by the average Amazon customer review.

You should also spend some time browsing the Amazon Best Sellers page for your niche and keep it bookmarked to reference occasionally. It couldn’t be easier to find what products people already love and are willing to buy that will work for your business

Online vs. In-Store Shopping

Remember that you’ll be using the internet to entice others to purchase products that you recommend. Of course, they’ll need to purchase them online for you to get your commission.

It’s essential, then, that you pick products that people tend to purchase online. Clothing and makeup, for example, might be difficult to sell because people want to try on clothing and see makeup colors in person, especially if they’re going to purchase a new brand.

You might need to reevaluate the products you’ll use based on whether people usually purchase them online or in-store.

Considering Product Prices And Availability

Any products you choose should also have acceptable prices and be available to purchase most of the time. Some products aren’t sold by Amazon, but through sellers only. These can sometimes have higher markups than the product sold elsewhere, which can be a turn-off for your audience. Items sold by sellers might run out of inventory fast, too, so look for products that don’t appear to have a history of this issue.

You still need to make a profit, so your products’ prices should benefit you, too. You’ll need to find a balance between affordable for the consumer and profitable for you. A good way to do this is to look up not just the customer price, but also the affiliate commission for your product category. You can learn more about your potential commission on Amazon.

Are Prime Products More Desirable?

Ease of purchase is another factor to consider. Amazon makes the purchase process extremely simple, but Amazon Prime users might have it even easier than non-Prime users. They get free shipping, which is often a factor that influences purchase decisions.

You might consider, then, looking mostly for products that are Prime-eligible so that Prime users can take advantage of this benefit.

What Do Top Amazon Affiliate Websites Do To Succeed?

Let’s take a look at two of the most popular Amazon affiliate websites to see what they excel at in terms of content creation, marketing, and making people want to purchase their recommended products.

One look at This Is Why I’m Broke and you’ll see that the site is unlike any other Amazon affiliate site, which is probably why it works so well. This site offers unique products that you’d never think to search for, but can make the most perfect gift for yourself or someone else. The reason this site does so well is that the products are so shareable.

Much of the site’s traffic comes from social media shares, so not much marketing is necessary to keep the site in business. This is the perfect example of a winning niche that works for itself.

Smart Passive Income proves that being an authority in your niche is important. Pat Flynn is the creator of the site, and affiliate marketing and other forms of online income are not only where his expertise lies, but it’s also what he sells. Flynn recommends hosting, blogging tools, helpful books, and more resources to guide others toward making their own passive income with his expertise.

His easy-to-use site is an extra bonus, categorizing everything neatly and providing links on the front page to in-depth guides that point to some of his most prized resources.

Conclusion: How To Find The Best Amazon Affiliate Products To Sell

If you know how to complete keyword research with Long Tail Pro and look up products on Amazon, you can start to unearth what affiliate site niche is potentially the most profitable one for you. A little research of Amazon’s best sellers and the most reviewed products in your niche can go a long way. Then, take some tips from successful Amazon affiliate sites to make your site go the distance in terms of popularity and profitability.

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      Create a separate site for each niche. For example if your interests are in “pets”, “basketball”, “home theatre” etc., don’t create a mashup site that covers all of these disparate and unrelated topics all in one. Cover each niche separately on it’s own site. This will avoid confusion for your visitors firstly (and it can more succinctly signal to the search engines what your site is about as a whole) and it will go a significant way establishing you as an authority on that particular topic.

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