How to Find Little-Known Profitable Niches: A Step by Step Guide

how to find little-known profitable niches
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Like many other Long Tail Pro subscribers, I struggled for the first few months trying to find solid, low-competition keywords that would allow me to build a profitable niche website. Nothing seemed to click, until I tried several surprisingly simple steps that lead almost every time to the quick discovery of many quality long tail keywords – and all within 10 minutes.

I’ll explain what I do every day in my businesses: using Long Tail Pro, sharing both a valuable seed keyword I discovered recently at random, and the steps you can easily follow to find and evaluate your own high revenue, in-demand long-tail keywords by using LTP.

One of the techniques I now use to seek out new niche possibilities (as suggested in the enormously helpful LTP University Video Tutorials) is to find items on the Best Seller list on Amazon. I first choose a broad department, then filter my search to 4+ stars, then to items selling for $25 to $50.

In doing this, I uncovered a total of almost 100 low competition, high search volume long tail keywords for a niche that you are welcome to exploit if you haven’t yet found a profitable product or category of products to promote. The product that won out after less than 10 minutes of searching was a fairly common kitchen item: a blender.

Steps to success.

  • So, here’s what I did to see if this niche would be worthwhile. After finding the product in abundance on Amazon, I created a new project in LTP called “blender.”
  • Then, I entered three seed keyword combinations: “blender,” “best blender” and “blender reviews” into the LTP Google Adwords Suggestions box.
  • I changed the “Max Results Per Seed Keyword” to 50 returns for each seed keyword combination and left all the other default filter options in place.
  • Thereafter, I hit the green Retrieve Adword Suggestions button.


  • A list of 150 keyword combinations appeared, ranging in search volume per month from 20 to 27,100 – and with Keyword Competitiveness scores of 17 to 54.
  • Wait.
  • I really only wanted keywords with a KC score of less than 30. So, I set one of LTP’s handy real-time filters to exclude everything over 31.


  • This cut the list way down, until I was left with a list of only 38 long tail keywords – all dealing with narrow niche variations on the topic of blenders.
  • But the KC was still an ultra low 17 all the way up to a KC of 30.

Pretty good for only 5 minutes of research so far.

  • But I needed more keywords if this was really going to work.
  • So, I tried a couple of other techniques revealed on a Long Tail Pro University video.
  • I first double-clicked the KC column head to reorder the list from lowest KC to highest KC
  • Then I clicked the blue “Get 20 Adwords Suggestions” button to the right of 5 keyword phrases that were low KC but relatively high volume; I could have easily clicked more and gotten a massive list of keyword variations.
  • That resulted in 93 excellent long tail keywords, ranging from KC 14 to 30.
  • And the search volume ranged from 10 per month to a mind-bending 3,800!

Next in line.

  • I needed to pare down the list a little bit by eliminating the low search volume keywords – the ones with only 10 visitors per month. Just not worth my time to write posts incorporating those keywords.
  • So, I set the last filter in place, excluding any keywords gathering 10 or fewer visits per month. That made a final list of 69 usable keywords – more than enough to get a site up and running.


  • I did a quick check of competitors with high search volume but relatively low Domain KC – under 25.
  • A glance at the rankings for “Best blender for crushing ice,” with a search volume of 480 and a KC of 17 told me that I could easily beat at least three of the sites currently on the first page of Google for that phrase.
  • And, if you can rank for a competitive keyword like that, you can measure up well against just about anyone with a Domain KC under 25.
  • NOTE: For an in-depth look at how to determine keyword competitivity and your chances to rank well on a particular page, watch this Long Tail University video.

So, that’s how, within 10 minutes, I uncovered a treasure trove of little known keywords. It’s a simple process that should at last unlock any brain freeze you’ve still got about finding competitive keywords.

I challenge you to try it right now! And visit the Long Tail Pro website now if you’re not already a subscriber.

Good luck!


About the Author

Don SloanAuthor and online entrepreneur Don Sloan has been using LTP successfully for 18 months to build 10+ microniche websites (two of which he has already sold for a tidy sum). When not building up or selling niche domains and websites, he’s either writing fiction or helping independent authors around the world achieve best-seller status on Amazon and elsewhere through two of his highly successful niche service sites: and both of which now rank well in Google thanks to LTP. Feel free to drop by, look around, and send him a note! Or, post a comment here and he’ll respond as soon as he can.

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