How do I access Long Tail University?

Access Longtail University

Who Gets Long Tail University Access?

  • All annual subscribers who purchased a plan with the offer information specifying that LTU access was included.

  • Any monthly and annual subscribers or Lifetime owners who have purchased LTU previously will be given access within the app.

  • All LTU owners without an LTP account will be given access to the LTU site.

LTP Users

If you are a subscriber with access to Long Tail University, you can view it from within the app! Just go to the Video Tutorials page, and select the “Long Tail University” section from the drop down menu.

Long Tail University access image

LTU interface

LTU Owners

You can log in to Long Tail University on the LTU website here.

Trouble Accessing LTU?

If you can’t access the videos, please contact our team from the in-app chat or by email.


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