How can I get the most out of Long Tail Pro?

Written by Devin Sizemore

March 10, 2022

Here’s a summary of all the features Long Tail Pro has to offer. Try them all, to get the most out of your experience!

Keyword Competitiveness

See how our Keyword Competitiveness score lets you identify low competition keywords at a glance:

Competition Analysis

Long Tail Pro’s Competitor Analysis can help you avoid targeting the wrong keywords:

Rank Value

Rank Value helps you estimate how much money you can make from your keywords. Learn more

Personal Domain Analysis

If you’ve already got a domain, then you might be able to take on tougher competition. Domain Analysis can help you find even more keywords. Learn more

Site Audit

The Site Audit feature allows you to perform a comprehensive scan of their website for technical SEO deficiencies, following this process

  • The tool will crawl every page of a website to identify technical SEO issues and return an overall SEO health score. 
  • After fixing issues, users can perform additional crawls, compare results, and get historical charts of the issues on each crawl. 
  • Key data is presented in graphs to clearly show which issues have been fixed, which are remaining, and highlight any new issues that have arisen. 
  • The tool categorizes issues into errors, warnings, and notices around Core Web Vitals, site performance, internal linking, crawlability, and other factors.


If you haven’t watched Long Tail Bootcamp yet, check it out! It’s free for all Long Tail Pro users. Learn More

If you have an annual subscription, you also get Long Tail University for free! LTU is a seriously in-depth look at advanced keyword research and site-building tactics, with a $197 value. Here’s how to access Long Tail University

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