Friday Short Stack – February 6th

Written by Kevin Petersen

February 6, 2015

Start your Friday off right!

Here is our Friday Short Stack of articles, tools, and insights that we’ve come across over the course of the week and thought you might find them helpful.


1. I have to start this week with some self-promotion. For the first time ever, we’re offering a lifetime license to Long Tail Platinum, our keyword research software that normally sells for $97 plus $17 per month. Best of all, you can win it for free by entering our contest.

Click here to register – it just takes a few seconds.

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to share it with friends to maximize your number of entries into the contest.

2. Entrepreneurs should always be sharpening the axe. By that I mean that we should always be learning and getting better at our craft. I found an article this week by Sujan Patel which lists 15 places online learning sites that won’t cost you anything.

Places like Khan academy offer a variety of courses, and then there is the HubSpot Academy that is focused on inbound marketing and is a great place to start or get a refresher for those in the marketing business.

3. Brian Honigman delivers a really interesting post about using long tail keywords in your social media “micro-content.” He points out that many businesses are so consumed with finding the next big viral post that they often overlook the fact that it’s all part of a complete social strategy.

Like long tail keywords for SEO on your website, doing very focused content pieces on social may not take off and get thousands of shares, but they are more likely to drive relevant traffic to you. In other words, they’ll help attract those people who are most likely to become your customer, which this is all about.

4. Need some free stock photos?

Here is another place to get them, free of restrictions and great for turning into images to accompany your web or social content. Visit StockSnap and check out their galleries.

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