Start your Friday off right!

Here is our Friday Short Stack of articles, tools, and insights that we’ve come across over the course of the week and thought you might find them helpful.


1. I’ve been focusing more attention on Twitter lately and have come across 2 really helpful free tools. First is Hootsuite, which is pretty widely known. I’m loving the dashboards it gives you and being able to schedule out Tweets in advance. It is really an indispensable tool if you are wanting to use Twitter heavily.

The second tool is Sniply. This lets you add a custom box over any article you share from another site, so you have the opportunity of ultimately driving that traffic back to your site. It makes total sense and I’m really interested to see how it does. Here is an example of my first Sniply post, compared to what that link looks like when I don’t use Sniply.

2. Rohan at Hubspot has some creative ideas that you can try to reengage an inactive email list. One thing in particular was some ideas about how your business can use coupons to reengage people as well as lessen “cart abandonment.” That is, if someone came to your site and started adding items to a cart, but never completed the purchase, try sending them a coupon for that order. He also has a great stat that mobile coupons get used almost as much as a physical coupon – so don’t be afraid to email out some discounts!

3. Check out these ideas for finding the keywords that people are searching for, but your competitors aren’t using. Barry has some clever approaches to share such as using Wikipedia and Q&A sites like EHow and others to find out things people are really asking. As you start finding these ideas, plug them into Long Tail Pro as your seed keywords and start finding some different results, or just go straight to our keyword analyzer and see what you can find out about that keyword’s competitiveness and search volume.

4. This tool gets mentioned in the previous article, but I thought it deserved its own spot on the list. UberSuggest is a tool that takes the suggestions you see in Google as you are typing in a search and brings them all to you at one time. So you type in your keyword and the tool gives you a ton of suggestions back using all the letters of the alphabet. It’s a fantastic free tool for sparking new keyword ideas.