Longtailpro Cloud - Rollout Update

Long Tail Pro Cloud Rollout Update

As you may have noticed, Long Tail Pro Cloud has gone live along with a snazzy new website homepage. Many of our existing users are wondering when they might get access to the Cloud version of the product and I know for a fact that a good number of people have been eagerly anticipating this

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Keyword Planner Changes

Google Adwords Keyword Planner Changes

Some of you may have heard about a new update to Google AdWords accounts where low-spending AdWords accounts show ranges of keyword volume instead of specific numbers. It’s important to point out that this change does NOT affect all users – most of the LTP team have no ad spend, and none of us have

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KC Refreshed & Recalibration

Keyword Competitiveness Recalibration Complete!

Well, here it is folks. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The short story, for those of you who aren’t terribly interested in the details, is that the complete recalibration of the new Keyword Competitiveness score that uses Majestic data is now complete. When we rolled out the Majestic changes, we noticed that the KC scores

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Recommended KC Targets for Majestic

Edit: The Recalibration of KC has now been completed. Details can be found here.  As you may have noticed, we recently rolled out a rather large update to Long Tail Pro. Going forward, we will be replacing Moz metrics with Majestic metrics. If you’re interested in learning about why we decided to make this change,

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Long Tail University

SEO Course – The Industry Outlook of Long Tail University

The following video is a behind the scenes preview of our industry praised SEO course, Long Tail University. In it we share our latest tactics on SERP Crossovers, bypassing Google Sandbox, Ways to get your Authority content with minimal work on your part, as well as a ton on keyword research the Long Tail Way! The course is

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competitors keywords

Tips On How To Steal Your Competitors Keywords!

The following video is a snippet taken out from our Long Tail University Course. In it we share a cool trick which you can use to steal your competitors keywords and find an unlimited stream of new keywords to target. If you have a hard time finding new keywords to target or struggling to boost your

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