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How To Do Keyword Research In 6 Easy Steps

Updated March 15, 2022 There used to be a time when you would type a keyword in a search engine and 5 out of the first 10 results were complete trash. Now, when you do your research, you are finding more and more website owners that are doing things right. Keyword research is the first

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How can I get the most out of Long Tail Pro?

Here’s a summary of all the features Long Tail Pro has to offer. Try them all, to get the most out of your experience! Keyword Competitiveness See how our Keyword Competitiveness score lets you identify low competition keywords at a glance: Competition Analysis Long Tail Pro’s Competitor Analysis can help you avoid targeting the wrong

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I’m new to SEO. Where do I start?

Tips for getting started with SEO and building niche and authority sites Watch Long Tail Bootcamp! We put together a free 14-day crash course in SEO strategies for Long Tail Pro subscribers, available from the Video Tutorials page in the app. If you’re new, we recommend you start here! Ask the Team Get advice from

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Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker Demo

This video gives a quick introduction to the Long Tail Rank Tracker, including: How term/URL tracking works How to view rankings and details for your terms How to add and remove terms or projects How to add notes to your rankings If you have any more questions, feel free to ask our team using the

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Getting Started With Long Tail Pro

1. Login You can start a Trial of Long Tail Pro right here. Once you’ve signed up through the checkout page, you will be logged in automatically after a few seconds. If you’re already signed up for an account, you can login to the app here. 2. Adding your First Project and Domain Here, we

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How To Use the Keyword Grouping Feature?

Keyword Grouping makes it easier to sort, save, and filter keyword suggestions inside your projects. It allows you to: Select and save different keywords into tightly packed groups within the same project. Group keywords-based criteria (i.e. intent, place in the buyer journey, by a piece of content that they will be part of, etc.) How

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meta tag keywords

Are Meta Tag Keywords Still Relevant? Here’s Our Take

Everybody knows that SEO is a complex puzzle with a lot of moving parts. Suppose you’re a beginner who recently started learning about SEO online. …

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alexa website ranking

The Beginner’s No-Nonsense Guide to Increasing Your Alexa Website Ranking

As a marketer, you’ve probably come across the Alexa Rank metric countless times. This is especially true if you’ve been using rank trackers and SEO …

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web 2.0 backlinks

How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks That Actually Work for SEO

For years, aggressive link building was the “secret sauce” of SEO that wasn’t so secret. Sites wishing to rank simply made pages filled to the …

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google analytics keyword not provided

How to Uncover Those Sneaky Google Analytics Not Provided Keywords

Updated (3rd August 2018) There’s no doubt that Google Analytics is an absolute must-have in every marketer’s toolbelt. It can help you track metrics that …

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how can you improve your keyword search results

No Budget for Full-Service SEO? Here’s How to Improve Your Keyword Rankings for Underfunded Brands

Updated August 2018 Attaining higher rankings in search engine results always starts with a lineup of well-targeted keywords. Ask yourself this: what’s the first thing …

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best tags for youtube

Best Tags For YouTube – Learn How To Get More Video Views

Updated January 29, 2019 So you’ve spent all this time creating great video content for YouTube and now it seems that all your hard work …

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how to write content for a website

How to Write Stellar Content for a Website

Let’s get one thing straight: Having great content is a must if you want online success. It doesn’t matter if you own an online store, …

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how to identify online competitors

How to Identify Your Online Competitors

As a business owner, you’d think that you know your competitors better than everyone else. In fact, if you’re running a brick-and-mortar business, then this …

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competitor backlink analysis

How to Use Competitor Backlink Analysis to Fine-Tune Your Link Building Strategy

Updated (3rd August 2018) Developing a successful link building strategy isn’t a walk in the park. If you want results, you must first realize that …

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Using long tail keywords for SEO

How to Use a Long Tail Keyword Strategy to Drive More Targeted Traffic

The secret’s out: Keywords drive the success of every digital marketing strategy. Link building, PPC campaigns, blogging — all these require a set of well-targeted …

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