SEO Course – The Industry Outlook of Long Tail University

Written by Devin Sizemore

March 31, 2016

The following video is a behind the scenes preview of our industry praised SEO course, Long Tail University. In it we share our latest tactics on SERP Crossovers, bypassing Google Sandbox, Ways to get your Authority content with minimal work on your part, as well as a ton on keyword research the Long Tail Way!

The course is normally priced at $197. But when you subscribe to the Long Tail Platinum Annual Plan you get it included for FREE.

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Did you know that the best way to capture organic traffic (…and make money) is not to rank for competitive, high-volume keywords. Instead, it’s much easier to rank for lots of low-competition keywords.

These money-makers are called long tail keywords.

Why target long tail keywords?

  • They’re easy to rank for
  • MOST of the traffic is in the long tail – really!
  • “20% of Google search queries are ones we haven’t seen in the past 90 days”

That’s a great theory, but how exactly does it affect the bottom line of my business? Well, it depends on your business…

How properly targeting long tail keywords can help independent site builders and SEOs: 

  • Brings down your total cost
  • Brings in more traffic overall
  • Targets more specific problems, which leads to higher conversions
  • You’ll rank for keywords much faster
  • You’ll have hundreds more content ideas
  • You’ll need less link-building!

How it could benefit a brick-and-mortar business:

  • Brings your cost down as well?
  • Brings in more traffic overall
  • Helps when you show up in Google when people search for your services in your area
  • Your competition probably doesn’t know about these strategies
  • You may be the only business in your market with a good blog
  • Your marketing budget will go much further!

For EVERYONE, though… Properly targeting long tail keywords almost always = more money. 

Here’s what you’ll learn with the Long Tail University course:

  • What makes a good keyword
  • What makes a bad keyword
  • How to target keywords with content
  • How to use keywords to generate revenue
  • The 2 tools I use to find endless keywords
  • How to leverage different keyword modifiers to target even longer-tail keywords
  • How to create keyword-driven content strategies
  • How to track keyword ROI
  • How to “out long-tail” your competition
  • Google’s 10 biggest ranking factors
  • …and a whole lot more!

In other words, this is not a general knowledge course…

This is a nitty-gritty, tactical course that teaches you specific, ROI-driven techniques we’ve used to create massively profitable businesses.

Note: We update the course on a regular basis with new training modules to keep you current and on the cutting edge of SEO and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Fabian

    Please respond to my tickets. I tried cancelling my subscription but I am still being billed. I have submitted multiple tickets but I never receive a response.

  2. William

    Hi, I have previously purchased lifetime access to LTP Platinum, how do I get access to LTUniversity ?

    • Team LTP

      Hi William,

      Lifetime members are eligible for a discount. But you would need to contact [email protected] to process it. Make sure to have the email you registered with as they would need it to verify your info. Thanks!

  3. sumanto

    google tab with blank result on LTP 3.0.45, how to fix it, i need help

    • Team LTP

      Hi Sumanto,

      Please update to the latest version of LTP. It should clear that up.

  4. mike

    long tail pro is excellent tools, i’m using this from last 2 months and it has done keyword searching more easy for me.

  5. Shar

    I purchased Long Tail Pro a while back and have been paying monthly for platinum. Does this qualify me for Long Tail University?

    • George

      Hi – LTU only comes with the annual plan or some special affiliate monthly plans unfortunately.


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