As we discussed, Fiverr is a great place to get quality graphic design work and many other services for your business for only $5. If you are new to Fiverr, you’ll notice that there are boat loads of “gigs” on the site and finding the cream of the crop can be tough.

Here is our list of Fiverr gigs that consistently deliver the kind of results that make you say “I can’t believe I only paid $5 for this.”

In fact, I’ve purchased most of the gigs listed below multiple times each and have never been disappointed.

I’ll break them down by category:


1. Here is my go to guy for logos on Fiverr. You’ll usually have to wait 9 or 10 days to get something back, but he gives you 2 different concepts for only $5. I’ve also found that he is very accommodating with a couple rounds of revisions. It’s best if you have some idea of what you want when you buy the gig as far as colors and style. Here is a sample of his work from real gig on Fiverr:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.10.07 PM


2. On occasion I have a website where I want a simple, vintage look to the logo. I’ve had a couple of vintage logos done via this gig and really liked what I received. If you are looking for that same kind of vintage style to your logo, I’d highly recommend this gig. Here is a sample of work done on Fiverr:

Vintage Logo

Social Media

3. Even if your business isn’t on social media right now, you are more than likely a user of some social network like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. As a user of those networks, you’ve probably noticed when a business or organization went with a DIY solution to their cover page design.

That doesn’t always end well…

On the other hand, you’ve probably noticed what a positive difference it makes on the perception of a company when they have a very professional looking social media setup.

Here is a gig I’ve used to have these types of social media designs done. Here is a sample of a Facebook timeline image from one of their gigs:

Facebook Cover

Header Images and Banner Ads

4. This is another important one for your business. At some point you’ll need a header image for the top of your website, or maybe a banner ad designed if you are doing some form of online advertisement.

It goes without saying that something this prominent needs to look great.

Here is a gig I’ve used that focuses primarily on ads, but this could be an image you use on your own site to lead to a sales page, an opt-in form, etc. – Make sure you know the dimensions or the size of the ad that you need before ordering the gig! Here is a sample from this gig:

Banner Ad

5. Here is yet another gig that offers a similar service, so it can be used for header images, banner ads, or just about any other kind of small graphic that you need for your website. This one is by JimmyGibbs, who is one of the highest rated designers on Fiverr. I’ve always had good experiences with his work as well. Here is a real sample:

Fiverr Gig


6. Infographics are a great way for your business to communicate information in a visual way. They are also something that tends to be very “sharable” so it can really be a nice marketing tool for you as well. Here is some more information on how to find success with marketing infographics.

To be honest, Fiverr probably isn’t the best place to get an infographic done. A more typical price for an infographic design is anywhere from several hundred dollars up to over a thousand dollars. There are a number of variables that can affect the cost, such as the number of data points they need to design.

All that said, if you’ve got big plans for your infographic I’d recommend investing more money at a place like 99Designs where you’ll get a bunch of options for a reasonable price.

If you do want to get an infographic for $5, here is one I’ve used that can get you a fairly simple design (up to 4 points) for only $5. There are add-ons as well, so you can pay more to get additional content. Here is sample from his gigs on Fiverr:



E-Book Covers

7. You’ve probably seen where people offer a free e-book if you sign up for their email list, and the image of the book makes it look like it is a real, hardback book that you could find at Barnes & Noble. You can get the same kind of professional design done on Fiverr.

Maybe you offer a free market report or a guide to something that your audience is interested in, check out this gig on Fiverr to make your pdf look like a real book. Here is an example from one of her Fiverr gigs:

ebook cover


Video Intros

8. If you have a Youtube channel for your business or do some videos for your site, check out this gig which will give you a custom into that features your logo. He pretty much follows the same pattern for every gig, but this is one that I’ve used and I really like how simple it is. Many of the video intros are more “fun” and a little less than ideal for a business. I think this intro is simple and professional.

Add this to the beginning of your videos for a more professional and branded look.