11 Actionable Social Media Tips to Grow Your Small Business

Written by Devin Sizemore

March 9, 2015

Social media is a highly engaging platform that can generate a solid ROI for small business owners if properly managed with these 11 essential social media tips.

Whether from social media or search engines, businesses should never leave any prospects for new clients unturned.

Many small businesses may have doubts about social media because it’s challenging to check the return of investment immediately. However, simply knowing that 71% of adults use Facebook, 23% use Twitter, 26% use Instagram, 28% use Pinterest, and 28% use LinkedIn is enough motivation to get involved on social media.

Social Media Engagement

Source: Pewinternet

When you start with zero followers, it’s not easy for small businesses to start reaching out their voice and generating profitable returns. If you don’t put in the effort, it’ll be impossible for your business to begin attracting new followers and potential clients.

Luckily, below I’ve compiled 11 of my best social media tips to help you generate good ROI results for your small business.

1. Build Brand Awareness

As you know, all age groups hang out on social media. Create a profile for your small business on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and any other platforms catering to your targeted audience to begin increasing your brand awareness.

Make sure you keep updating them on a regular basis. Your work will begin to pay off when people start recognizing your products or services with your brand like we associate burgers with McDonald’s.

2. Be Loyal to Your Clients

Successful small business always maintain good relationships with their current and future clients. Social media offers a splendid tool for you to easily get in touch with clients. Encourage your clients to follow your social media profiles for the latest updates.

Offer freebies that will reward your customers for choosing your small business over another. This engagement will increase your business’s visibility and build a circle of loyal clients who may recommend you.

3. Remain Transparent

Not only will transparency keep your customers happy, but it will also help you build trust in your small business, which should be the long-term goal of any organization. If clients don’t trust in your company, you likely won’t be very successful in achieving your ultimate objectives.

That’s why I suggest that you utilize social media to share what’s going on behind the scenes of your small business rather than focusing on the products or services you provide. Try updating your profile with something like “Today we are celebrating our 14th anniversary, come and join us!”

4. Boost Community Engagement

Start branching out into different social media communities that may cater to the targeted audience in your niche. Then, get connected with potential clients by creating an eye-catching profile and posting informative content.

People will start noticing your small business, especially if you share something irresistible that goes viral. Facebook now has over 620 million groups indexed in Google, so there’s a large scope for you to hang out.

Social Media tip #4

5. Create Relationships

By far, social media platforms offer the easiest way to build relationships with fellow colleagues, followers, potential clients, and other people hanging out within your niche group. Use the power of social media to start interacting with other industry fellows and following trendsetters.

There’s a chance that they may follow you back, which could bring you into the spotlight and help you develop relationships with everyone in the business.

6. Partner Up

In today’s competitive business marketplace, two is always better than one. Therefore, one of my leading social media tips is to find other businesses that you can partner with. Ideally, the other businesses should have complementary offerings services within your niche.

Once you find a business profile with a similar amount of likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter, reach out for cross promotion of your products or services.

7. Use Videos and Podcasts

Social Media Tip #7

Very few people would choose to read through paragraphs of content when they can listen or watch it instead. You should post plenty of videos and/or podcasts onto your social media profile to provide content that followers are more likely to engage in. Since online video users are expected to double by 1.5 billion in 2016, small businesses should not miss this opportunity.

Videos are 12 times more likely to be shared and images are twice as likely to be liked on Facebook, so visual content trumps textual. Using videos and podcasts on social media can truly make a difference in building your online presence.

8. Focus on Lead Generation


On social media, there are many communities and groups where you can easily find prospective clients for lead generation. Try sharing something unique, informative, or free that can result in the generation of quality leads and conversions.

In Twitter, try searching for your business’s keywords in the search option, then choose everything from the left top panel. You’ll see a list of Twitter users who are looking for your services in chronological order. From there, reach out to these people with your services and build a happy business.

9. Share Your Secret Sauce

Even though you’re probably not selling spaghetti sauce, you can still use social media to share insider secrets from your company. In short, post something that your competitors or anybody else in your industry doesn’t want to share on social media.

You can publish a how-to article, top-secret resources, or guides on information people are looking to learn. It’s even more strategic to share free resources on social media and add subscribing options for premium versions. Being willing to share secrets will increase your visibility and make yourself an industry expert in front of others.

Secret Sauce

10. Design Attractive Profiles

Your business’s cover page on social media will be the first place that prospective clients will look and start judging the worthiness of your company. You should focus on designing an attractive profile that can bring in solid leads and valuable customers.

Make sure your cover page clearly indicates your specific niche, products or services offered, and overall objective. With a lead-generating design, users will click to follow you to get more related updates.

Social Media Profile

11. Show Off Testimonials

Many small businesses forget to add in testimonials on their profiles, but this is one of the most essential social media tips. The best way to show off your work and convince other clients to trust in your company is to show off your testimonials.

Post testimonials from happy clients you’ve worked with before on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll start attracting valuable clients who see your positive track record and want to work with you too.

Testimonials in Social Media

Final Words

Overall, social media platforms provide an easy, quick, and economical way for small businesses to promote their products or services to the entire World Wide Web. It’s possible to reap great returns from social media within a short period of time.

Use the above social media tips to help your small business see a huge jump in website traffic and a pool of new potential clients willing to trust in your brand.


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