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The following video is a snippet taken out from our Long Tail University Course. In it we share on-page SEO tactics we use on every articles where we are targeting money keywords. This helps us beat the competition even if they have a higher Page Authority.

We know it’s hard to to implement every single one of them. But if you make a checklist and go one by one, you should have no problem creating an article with high quality engagement for your visitors and in return signaling Google your page is worth ranking higher than the rest!

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We highly suggest you first watch the video then save this list as a reminder the next time you want to optimize an article before hitting the publish button.

After you’ve found good keywords to target using keyword research software like Long Tail Platinum, what’s next? On-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO Best Practices

  • 1,000-10,000 words (most of our articles are 1,500-3,000 words)
  • Main keyword in the title and H1 tags
  • Secondary LSI keywords sprinkled throughout
  • Main keyword in at least one alt tag
  • Keyword density: less than 1%
  • Secondary LSI keywords in other alt tags
  • 3-5 outbound links to highly relevant authority sites (e.g. Wikipedia)
  • 5-10 internal links to other relevant pages

What about affiliate links?

  • No more than 1 per 100 words?
  • Do not cloak (against Google’s TOS)
  • But you can and should use redirects with plugins like PrettyLink or ThirstyAffiliates
  • Always no-follow

Other important on-page factors:

How to increase time-on-page:

  • Good formatting (more on this in a second)
  • Rich media (namely videos)
  • Long, detailed content that is still readable
  • Strong tone and voice All links open in new windows (even internal?

How to increase scroll depth:

  • “Teases” (e.g. “more on this in a second”; “more below”)
  • Click-to-scroll buttons?

How to decrease bounce rate:

  • Clickable media that takes readers to other pages (usually category pages)
  • References to highly relevant internal articles?

All this stuff can help you “beat” your competitors and rank for keywords. Google likes engagement.

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