The following video is a snippet taken out from our Long Tail University Course. Here we share with you how to set up wordpress site using the exact settings we use at Long Tail Pro to optimize our site for SEO and general best practices tips to generate easy traffic while keeping a secure and easy to maintaining backend for our content.

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For your convenience, below we summarized all the discussed points in the video of how to set up a wordpress site. We highly suggest you do watch the video as it detail out the exact location where we make changes to WordPress and the reasons behind them.

How To Set Up WordPress – Basic Settings:

General settings:

  • Fill in site name and tag line?
  • Set your preferred URL (i.e. www or non-www; don’t forget to set this in Google Webmaster Tools, too!)
  • Permalinks: “Post Name”

Posts or pages?

  • Posts for all articles
  • Pages for stuff that will go in menus

Blog view or static page on the homepage? Well, there are pros and cons to each.

Blog view:

  • Much more natural?
  • User friendly
  • Generally better user experience
  • BUT… you can’t target keywords with your homepage

Static page:

  • Allows you to target a keyword with the most powerful page of your site?
  • But isn’t very natural, and could hurt you in a manual review, especially if you have affiliate links

Nowadays, all of my sites use a blog view on the homepage. It’s just more natural and provides a better user experience, which is important because we’re building real businesses.

Plugins we use:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast OR All-in-One SEO (basic SEO settings)
  • Cookies for Comments (free alternative to Akismet/comment spam) Google Analytics by Yoast (GA integration) W3 Total Cache (image compression/site speed)
  • Revision Control (deletes extraneous revision files/site speed)
  • Quick AdSense (easy, site-wide AdSense or other ad placement)
  • All 404 redirect to homepage (404 control)
  • Backup by BlogVault (paid, optional) Thrive Content Builder (paid, optional)
  • Thrive Leads WordPress Theme (paid, optional)

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