Start your Friday off right!

Here is our Friday Short Stack of articles, tools, and insights that we’ve come across over the course of the week and thought you might find them helpful.


1. Don’t always believe what you read…

According to Rand Fishkin, when the Google Keyword Planner tells you that there are no ideas matching your query, that may not be the case. He gives some fantastic ideas about how to get other suggestions, including this little trick to do a wildcard search in Google using an underscore:

Google Suggest

2. Chris Wren has some excellent advice for increasing the user experience you are creating with your Tweets. I’ve got a long way to go on becoming a Twitter expert myself, so I really enjoyed this post. Check it out.

Thanks, Chris!

3. If you haven’t checked this out, you should really take a look at your competition on SimilarWeb.¬†You can get tons of great insights about their traffic including the ability to check out their referral traffic in a very beautiful interface:

Similar Web


That’s all for today! Happy Friday to everyone.

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