Start your Friday off right!

Here is our Friday Short Stack of articles, tools, and insights that we’ve come across over the course of the week and thought you might find them helpful.


1. Don’t just post and forget about it! I came across a great set of 50 places to repurpose your content written by Garrett Moon of CoSchedule. Some of these you’ve likely heard of and may already be using, like turning your blog posts into slide decks and sharing them on Slideshare.

Some of my favorites were towards the top of your list, where you can syndicate your content. Some places like Reddit have some strict guidelines about self promotion, but this guide to promoting with Reddit can help you out.  The main thing when using sites like and Growthhackers is that you focus on being a contributing member to the community. Follow people, help them out with comments, and share things besides your own content.

These are a couple of great places to get started with letting others know about the content you’re publishing.

2. There were a couple of nice nuggets in Neil Patel’s recent post on 7 proactive ways to get backlinks. The first one was probably my favorite.

Quora is something that I was familiar with, but I didn’t realize how the system worked and that you can drop some links into your responses where it makes sense. Basically Neil suggests looking for questions that pertain to your business and providing high quality answers and when appropriate, link to a resource on your site that gives even more information. The idea here is that you are proactively getting in front of a new audience that may have never heard of you if you weren’t contributing to the Quora community.

3. I’d suggest reading Alex Turnbull’s explanation for why his company, Groove, deleted their Facebook account. 2 of the main points where that it was “embarrassing” because their number of likes didn’t accurately reflect how well they were actually doing. The second thing was that it was a waste of time for them. Basically it generated no traffic, and yet they were still putting time into maintaining Facebook because they were “supposed to.”

This is not to pick on Facebook, although it’s been widely announced that business and fan pages are being forced to pay to reach their fans, as organic reach continues to drop. However, the lesson is to take a look at your goals and the things that are working and actually helping you get there. Don’t keep doing something just because everybody says you need to, only do it if it actually helps reach your goals.

4. Have a crappy job? Be of good cheer… read why humbling jobs can be the key to later success  by David Zax. It tells the story of Enio Ohmaye who first came to the US cleaning floors and working as a busboy, which ultimately prepared him to have the success he enjoys today. So stay positive and always be learning!


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