How to use Artificial Intelligence

How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing 

Many brands have utilized Artificial Intelligence to interact with their target market, since AI has the potential to construct simulation models and customize buying processes through suggestions and predictions made by machine learning technology. Amazon, for example, utilizes AI to suggest products based on earlier purchases, page views, and inquiries. AI is increasingly widely used

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Troubleshooting category

I Can’t Log In to Long Tail University

How to get access to Long Tail University If you can’t log in to Long Tail University, it is probably because your account hasn’t been created yet. We are working on integrating LTU into the app, but at the moment, we need to create all accounts manually. Existing Long Tail University Subscribers If you already

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Troubleshooting category

Unable To Export Keywords and Competition Analysis

How to fix export issues in Long Tail Pro This problem occurs when using Safari as your browser. This is because Safari blocks us from downloading files to your computer. There are two possible solutions: Solution 1: Use a Different Browser Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are all able to export data from the app

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Troubleshooting category

“This email does not exist” message

What to do if you are unable to log in or reset your password If you are unable to log in, and you get the message “this email does not exist” when trying to reset your password or activate your account, then no account was found in our database for the email address you entered.

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FAQ - longtailpro

How Can I Apply a Coupon to My Account?

If you have an existing Long Tail Pro account, and you receive a coupon discount, you can apply it to your account by following these steps: Step 1: Navigate to your Billing Information page. Step 2: Click Change Plan in the plan information area Step 3: Select the Add Coupon button Step 4: Enter the

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FAQ - longtailpro

Can I get global search volume in Long Tail Pro?

Unfortunately, Long Tail Pro  does not provide global search volume data. In order to provide accurate data, we pay for data from two external services, and neither of these services provides reliable global search volume. Because of this, we have chosen to focus exclusively on providing accurate local search volumes in LTP Cloud.

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