We have recently added some major updates to Long Tail Pro.  Some of these updates have added features, improved performance, or improved the design for ease of use.

First, we added the ability to check the domain availability of the .com.au extension!  You can now see that option under the “Check Exact Match Domains”.

Secondly, as a major addition we are now providing “advertiser competition”.  See the image below:

Advertiser Competition is a scale between 0 and 100 that represents HOW MANY ADVERTISERS there are for that particular keyword advertising on Google.com.  A number of 100 does not mean there are 100 advertisers, its just mean that on a scale of 0 to 100 this keyword is as competitive as it gets.  A keyword with “0” advertisers has no advertisers; while a keyword with “100” has very high competition levels for advertising (a large number of advertisers). The GREATER the advertiser competition number the more likely that the CPC of that keyword on your website will be higher paying.

So if in reality, you should WANT high levels of advertiser competition.  It means this keyword has lots of advertisers bidding on it and will mean more money for you if you are using Google Adsense for example to monetize your site.

Please do not confuse this number with the competitiveness of a keyword in the search engines.  This number tells you nothing about how difficult it would be to rank for a particular keyword in Google or other search engines. Please use the competitor analysis of Long Tail Pro to get the information you need to check the top 10 results in Google for difficulty of ranking.

We have also changed the location of the status bar to make keyword research, competition analysis, and checking your ranks a bit easier.  You can now analyze the results as they come in, rather than wait for the status bar to complete.  Not a major change, but it will save you a few precious seconds here and there!

We also fixed a few other things that will improve the overall performance of Long Tail Pro.  Overall, we will continue to invest in the performance and usability of Long Tail Pro to help you find those great keywords as quickly and as easily as possible.  Happy keyword hunting!

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